Obama on Occupy Wall Street, Herman Cain

President grades his own performance while touting his jobs plan on the road.
3:18 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Obama on Occupy Wall Street, Herman Cain
President Obama 1000 days into his presidency and looking up at the -- Woolley political landscape all -- around him. Some questions what does He really think of that surprise Republican front runner Herman Cain and his 999 tax plan. Of the protesters occupying Wall Street and the fear of another recession. ABC's Jake Tapper is traveling with the president an Emporia Virginia sat down with him just today Jake tell us about. Diane good evening President Obama is battling both historically low approval ratings. For his handling of the economy and an energized Republican presidential field. Focused on that issue so I -- her interview. Asking him just how worried He is and how prepared the public should be about whether this already fragile economy is headed south once again. I feel is what the American people which is that. We have now gone through not only. Two and a -- three years. Post recession blues. If you hear. A sense of urgency in my -- It's because these problems are Sobel. But you don't get a sense that we're moving in Washington. With the sense of urgency -- -- some of the frustration -- has come out in this -- Wall Street protests. You've expressed sympathy and -- with their position their feeling of powerlessness I understand the frustrations. That are being expressed in those protests. In some ways they're not that different. From some of the protests. That we saw. Coming from the Tea Party. They'll both on the left and the right I think people feel. Separated from their government we're sitting in -- school. What grade would you give yourself well He you know I'm not gonna -- my -- grade not even a mid term other than incomplete. Because. The work that we started is not -- done. Even. -- I believe that all the choices we've made have been the right ones we're still going through difficult circumstances. That means people -- they be sympathetic to. My point you still -- feel like but it has gotten done it's just over two months until the Republican. Iowa caucus Herman Cain -- is 99 iron play and what are you hearing from Republicans when it comes to the economy what I haven't heard is anything. Across the board whether it's coming out of the congress or from the Republican candidate so far. 4999 news well I knew that essentially what it services that -- under. Make sure that. The wealthiest among us -- less. And we replace. Any revenues with the sale tax that would be a huge burden on. Middle class families and working for us that's not do you know one of things I'm most surprised about his -- they want to roll back all the Wall Street reforms that we put in place. As if they've -- -- amnesia about how -- gotten -- this problem in the first place. The president generally begged off talking about any specific Republican presidential candidates but He said. There will be a very clear contrast between him. And who -- the eventual Republican nominee is and the election will be about not just the direction of the country over the next four years. But perhaps the next twenty or thirty.

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{"id":14765081,"title":"Obama on Occupy Wall Street, Herman Cain","duration":"3:18","description":"President grades his own performance while touting his jobs plan on the road.","url":"/WNT/video/obama-occupy-wall-street-herman-cain-14765081","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}