Presidential Debate: The Final Faceoff

Could the final debate decide who wins in the race for the white house?
3:00 | 10/21/12

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Transcript for Presidential Debate: The Final Faceoff
We're going to turn now to the race for president and the high stakes debate that will take place right here behind me tomorrow night. We are at lynn university tonight in boca raton, florida, and it's in this auditorium, where president obama and governor romney will go face-to-face for the last time. The president will sit in the chair to the right, governor romney on the left, and this race could not be closer tonight. A new poll out this evening gives president obama a five-point lead among registered voters. But this is the more important number. Among those most likely to go out and cast their ballots tonight, it is a dead heat. Our political team weighs in on all of it tonight, on issues in the campaign that now has just 16 days to go, it's your voice, And abc's david kerley is at the white house tonight. Reporter: Taking a break from debate preparation, mitt romney flipped a coin for a football team between his staff and reporters, who were still asking we. Would you be open to one-on-one talks to iran? Reporter: No answer, on the report that the iranians are ready to talk directly to the u.S. About its nuclear program. One republic called it an iranian ploy. And as to iran, they've got quadruple the amount of enriched uranium to make a bomb they had before obama got in office. Nothing is working. Reporter: The white house denied a meeting is set, but added it is open to one-on-one talks. But a source warned, the administration is cautious, because the iranians have used negotiations in the past as a stalling tactic. What is clear, this will be a debate point. We have iran, four years closer to a nuclear bomb. Reporter: Not just iran. Republicans want to know if enough was done to protect u.S. Diplomats during the benghazi, libya, attack. Abc news has learned a drone did arrive over that city as the attack was eg and diplomats were being evacuated, which could allow romney to renew his attack. It was not a spontaneous demonstrat demonstration, is that what you're saying? Please proceed, governor. Reporter: While the president has been out of site at camp david preparing for this last debate, we did get a hint of his plan. Highlight the killing of bin laden, the end of the iraq war and then question mitt romney's overseas trip as a presidential candidate, when he wondered about security at london's olympics. We all remember his "dukes of hazzard" tour of international destinations over the summer, where he, not only roiled countries that are not as friendly to us, but our best al li, britain. Reporter: This is a foreign policy debate, but both campaigns tell me that each of the candidates will figure out a way to make a point about the economy. The argument, that a strong economy makes the country's national security stronger, as well.

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{"id":17530972,"title":"Presidential Debate: The Final Faceoff","duration":"3:00","description":"Could the final debate decide who wins in the race for the white house?","url":"/WNT/video/obama-romney-president-debate-candidate-politics-us-17530972","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}