Convention Countdown: Moments to Watch For

After Ann Romney and Clint Eastwood for Romney, what does the Obama campaign have up its sleeve?
3:00 | 09/02/12

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Transcript for Convention Countdown: Moments to Watch For
As the democrats prepare for their convention in charlotte, charlotte is getting ready for the democrats. It's being transformed into a conventional. Tonight after last week's that is the view inside. Convention with speeches from ann romney to clint eastwood, what now from the democrats? Cecilia vega is in charlotte tonight. Reporter: The finishing touches are under way. Some of the biest names in politics are about to be center stage. Can democrats in charlotte outshine republicans in tampa? I love you women! Let us begin that future for america tonight. Reporter: To that odd conversation with the empty chair. I'm not going to shut up. It's my turn. Reporter: Now it's time for the democrats to roll out their a-listers. Some of hollywood's biggest names will play a starring role, like eve --a longoria. James taylor, the foo fighters, john legend and, the black eyed peace. Then come the big guns. I didn't watch it. But I think it's important for everyone to watch these conventions, because this is technically where the campaign begins. After telling david letterman last week she didn't watch the republicans, the first lady kicks off the democratic line-up on tuesday. We need to keep going with his plan. Reporter: Former president bill clinton takes the stage on wednesday, followed the next night by the headliner, president obama. America, we cannot turn back. Reporter: That comes with plenty of streamers. The stadium where obama will speak is an outdoor arena. Thousands of people are expected to pack it on thursday night. Convention organizers are calling it a rain or shine event. So far the forecast shows it could be a wet one.

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{"id":17140325,"title":"Convention Countdown: Moments to Watch For","duration":"3:00","description":"After Ann Romney and Clint Eastwood for Romney, what does the Obama campaign have up its sleeve?","url":"/WNT/video/obama-romney-president-elections-convention-politics-us-17140325","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}