The Obamacare Website Cost $400 Million and Is Riddled With Glitches

Americans say they are frustrated about the new health care law as they try to sign on for coverage.
3:00 | 10/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Obamacare Website Cost $400 Million and Is Riddled With Glitches
And we turn next to the question being asked around this country tonight, why is the obama care launch such a mess. The web site cost $400 million, and yet it's riddled with glitches. American families frustrated and confused. So how could it happen? Abc's rebecca jarvis went in search of answers. Reporter: It's been 18 days since the obama care web site launched. And the white house still can't or won't say how many people have actually enrolled. Do you have an estimate for me now? We're two weeks into this. We said repeatedly we will release enrollment figures monthly. How many have signed up thus far? Fully enrolled? I can't tell you. Because I don't know. Reporter: We know about 11 million have tried to sign up. But for many, it's been a rough ride. There have been crashes. I SIGNED UP ON OCTOBER 3rd, And I have not been able to log back on since. Reporter: Dan howard in freeport, pennsylvania has been trying for more than two weeks. It's one dead end after the other. Reporter: He tried again today. I go to log on. And it won't let me on, because I'm not verified as being me. It's hour after hour after hour of just trying to find the answer to the question, where am I going to have my insurance? What's it going to cost? Reporter: We tracked down white house advisor david simas and asked him why all the glitches. What are the biggest problems with the system? So I'm not in position to categorize what the biggest problems are. Here's what I can speak to. Reporter: You don't know. Rebecca, I'm not going to identify or say what one problem is bigger than another. Reporter: When does the site have to be free and clear of bugs? The real period where folks will be going in for enrollment will be in november and in december. Reporter: You think you can do it by november? It will continue to get better each month that we go through this. Reporter: But even when we tried to access the site today, we encountered this error. A registration page filled with question marks, an incoherent data. Dan howard says he'll keep trying. The bottom line is I need health insurance. I absolutely need it. I am frustrated, because I'm not alone. There should be an answer. Reporter: And tonight, the white house says your best bet for those answers, well, it may be to pick up the phone and dial the government's call centers for help. Dan howard, though, he tells us he did that for two hours. And he still, diane does not have answers. The phone didn't work either. It didn't work for him. Hearing next week on why this happened, how this could happen. The very first look at the glitches within the system, diane, we're told tonight from accept el yes spokesperson she's unable to attend the meetings. But they are are in constant contact with the committee. The second will not be testifying? As of this moment it sounds like she will not be able to testify in this hearing.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Americans say they are frustrated about the new health care law as they try to sign on for coverage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20618151","title":"The Obamacare Website Cost $400 Million and Is Riddled With Glitches","url":"/WNT/video/obamacare-website-cost-400-million-riddled-glitches-20618151"}