Obama's 'Bodyman' in the Spotlight

Reggie Love gives an insider's view of working for the president.
3:56 | 11/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama's 'Bodyman' in the Spotlight
It's kind of -- funny title but for an entry level job body man to the president is hard to beat. The lucky guy and they all have been guys so far is counselor ballet gate keeper and first -- And for the last three years Reggie Love has done the job for President Obama. Like all body -- he avoids the press but nobody is leaving the White House -- is peeling back the curtain. In this ABC news exclusive with -- Rachel Nichols of our sister network ESP yet. -- -- love has been a constant presence just feet away from President Obama since we first met him during the 2008 campaign. Love gave us a mini tour of what has since become his trademark the things he carries. This like -- lint brush toothbrush spilled. -- jobs to the bed. Look study in the new group of Obama's senate office then moved onto the campaign where he famously bonded with the future president over a shared love of sports notably basketball. You both rookies to presidential campaigns learning their jobs along the way and learning from each other. -- -- -- -- Three to Franklin. And John Coltrane and he in turn has. Downloaded Jay-Z and little -- and so that I am not a complete funny -- Obama and -- One historic election and free long years of work later. Well he's packing up. And saying goodbye to one amazing first job and in this story here at least for the oval one of the Ford Taurus the president can enter or exit there. He showcased the tiny office he occupied just four feet away from the Oval Office his modest home base for a long eighteen only days and some nights spent sleeping year zero and the president sent I don't know the joke is there -- -- -- -- -- probably get repeated. A laugh shared with the president whom calls -- mentor. A mentor who in return refers to -- and younger brother what you call the present when you're with. Mr. President. In presence of others and if it -- casual. Just say sir sir is your more casual -- -- and the president. He did it drives you crazy when you do -- dress in crazy I'm 2820. Stubborn and think that I know things that I've made that an answer to is like. Just take my advice is like. I got elected president you should listen to me about it the way they -- lows to ride around what -- -- off like in the summer. And and I get that start sweating like it's eighty degrees in the star I and I pass out. About all -- miles. That you have traveled with the president to do that yes. Seven towns around the world how many miles is that. Can't even close some items looks very enclosed you -- travel together almost a million miles. That's going to the moon and -- three and a -- -- that is going 35 times around the world. Or to that in that it wouldn't -- commercial and I could use some of those points many of -- some experts think traveling with the presidents mainly. First and -- is there they're huge. In the -- got to be homeless like Babylon. We didn't the best -- with and you know do drove them to stay here on the court drilling of their competitive they want to win. His proximity to the president has meant he's been there from landmark moments in the Obama White House sometimes even delivering the news himself. Lakeland look handed the president a note letting you know the stimulus bill had been passed. As -- -- -- -- slavery this -- what it. It's the president's life I think I've just been lucky to have today and very long passenger on an amazing -- an amazing journey. Reporting for ABC news Rachel Nichols yes --

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{"id":15011233,"title":"Obama's 'Bodyman' in the Spotlight","duration":"3:56","description":"Reggie Love gives an insider's view of working for the president.","url":"/WNT/video/obamas-bodyman-spotlight-15011233","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}