Occupy Wall Street: Message in the Movement?

New York City protesters return to streets on "Day of Action."
2:30 | 11/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Occupy Wall Street: Message in the Movement?
We Occupy Wall Street movement is reaching a flash point two months ago today it began and this is what it looks like from the sky tonight. Masses of people taking to the streets here in New York City and it was a day marked by this. Arrests chaos and -- with police at live pictures tonight new York city police now Manning barricades right here bracing for chaos. As the protesters swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge. Right there in it ABC's Dan Harris on the front lines asking demonstrators today just what do you want from all of us and good evening. Hey David good evening to you from the base of the Brooklyn Bridge where protesters managed to shut down both lanes of traffic on this historic stand. Just moments ago this massive protest march tonight. Just comes comes just two days after protesters were kicked out of their camp in lower Manhattan tonight with this big protests they're trying to prove. They still have momentum. They swarmed the streets trying to shut down the -- -- but he'd lighten. We're -- we're repairing. I've always have this issue their warning everybody here is expecting the arrests are now all. Were carted off to jail the start of a long day of clashes with the injuries on both sides. This day ended up being a show of force for the movement. Across the country from Los Angeles the Portland. To Washington DC. But after months of march -- in chance. There remains a simple question -- the concrete goal of this movement. -- -- Free -- going to say that concrete goal of this. -- -- -- -- Disagree is that the concrete building. Hi jacking up our economy. Just look at their stunning lower gas prices and into war and empathy. Even and it is reading -- man and there are people who say. These folks out here have done nothing but beat drums and annoy the neighbors that's it. There have been paying attention. And David there is another huge question looming over the occupied movement tonight after this massive protests. What -- they do next.

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{"id":14978148,"title":"Occupy Wall Street: Message in the Movement?","duration":"2:30","description":"New York City protesters return to streets on \"Day of Action.\"","url":"/WNT/video/occupy-wall-street-message-movement-14978148","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}