Officer Who Fired on Runaway Family's Minivan Fired

Police officer dismissed after shooting at minivan with five children inside.
1:31 | 12/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officer Who Fired on Runaway Family's Minivan Fired
captured national headlines because of a dramatic shootout caught on a police dash cam. You may remember these images, a police officer opening fire on a mini van, a mother racing away with five children inside. Tonight that officer has been fired. Here's abc's reena ninan. Reporter: Officer montoya seen here shooting three times into a van of children, now fired for his actions. Based on the information that we have, there is nothing to suggest they had justification to fire upon the car. Reporter: It all began at a routine traffic stop, when 39-year-old from tennessee was pulled over for speeding. You were doing 71 in a 55. Turn the vehicle off for me. Reporter: According to police, she did not follow orders, and instead takes off with her five children setting off on a half mile chase. Police stop her again. Now for a second time. The situation increasingly more intense. Watch as a 14-year-old son gets involved, running back to lock the doors. Open the door. Open the door. Reporter: Police officers smash the side window and she flees again. Eventually she pulls over, and she and her son are arrested. Officer montoya was part of the new mexico police force for 12 years, he has 30 days to appeal. We don't know if he will. Thank you. And from new hampshire, troubling new clue in the

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{"id":21137152,"title":"Officer Who Fired on Runaway Family's Minivan Fired","duration":"1:31","description":"Police officer dismissed after shooting at minivan with five children inside.","url":"/WNT/video/officer-fired-runaway-familys-minivan-fired-21137152","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}