Ohio School Shooting: Hero Teacher

One fatality after student allegedly opened fire at Chardon High School.
2:58 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Ohio School Shooting: Hero Teacher
We add another name to that searing list that begins with Columbine and Virginia Tech it has the small town of -- and Ohio. 5000 people who live right outside Cleveland known for their serenity. And maple syrup until today. When a local high school student opened fire in the school cafeteria. As his panicked classmates tried to race to safety. When it was over one student was killed four injured and one heroic teacher credited with saving a lot of lives. ABCs Reno nine and has been tracking this story from -- and all -- arena. Hi Dan the horror here it started high school just behind me started just after 7:30 AM. Two students tonight are fighting for their lives. The call -- -- 7:38 this morning. We have been enacted here at night school. -- he acted go to tech the high school. When it was over one student was dead and four others wounded Nate Mueller was in the cafeteria eating breakfast with friends when the carnage started. He saw the alleged shooter who he identified as seventeen year old junior TJ -- sitting by himself at a table behind them. We heard a loud pop when firecracker. Stan. And I turned. And I looked to me standing above this table in pointing his gun. And it took one moyers show. He -- one friend fall on the table and another lying on the Florida pool of blood. A third was trying to crawl away as another shot ring out and -- -- year. We have really good rebound in the cafeteria at this time it's -- unaware that -- -- It is -- everything had just. -- -- those ceremonies -- glances they offends Lionel the -- is news blog there's people scream and everybody's got an indefinite interactions that you're just. Trying to get out. As the fire rang out teachers locked their classrooms just as they'd been trained to do. Students took cover but before the Rampage could go any further a school football coach -- the suspect out of -- school where he escaped on foot. He was arrested just a short distance away. Back coats at many other teachers being hailed as heroes tonight. By the injured students were rushed to the hospital late today one of them sixteen year old Daniel Parma tour succumbed to his wounds. Classmates described lane as an outcast who have been bullied. It's unclear why he allegedly opened fire -- in late December he posted a poem on his FaceBook page that read. He longed for one thing the world's about what his feet and -- ominously. Died all of you. That FaceBook posting is raising questions tonight about whether this tragedy could have been prevented. School is expected to be closed tomorrow at their plans for a vigil. Diane Greene -- nine and reporting NN -- is just joining us here at ABC news we thank you so much.

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{"id":15804477,"title":"Ohio School Shooting: Hero Teacher","duration":"2:58","description":"One fatality after student allegedly opened fire at Chardon High School.","url":"/WNT/video/ohio-school-shooting-hero-teacher-15804477","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}