Ohio School Shooting Suspect: Why'd He Do It?

Students and families at Chardon High School search for answers after tragedy.
2:32 | 02/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ohio School Shooting Suspect: Why'd He Do It?
One American town -- on. Ohio is searching for meaning today learning more about the high school student opened fire in the school cafeteria. And ABCs Reno nine and is back on the story again for us again tonight. Desperate 911 calls from a school under siege. Judge Michael we -- shots fired a gun shot multiple gunshot its. Today police announced that two more students shot in the school have died. Russell king and Demetrius human seen here in their yearbook photos a third student Daniel -- to -- died just hours after the shooting. Late this afternoon a glimpse of the seventeen year old suspect TJ lane on his way to court. Prosecutors say -- lane confessed to the crime but offered no explanation for what drove him to kill. In that -- went to school cafeteria fires and a group of students sitting there you table. That he just don't -- the students but he -- them. But why few clues so far. ABC news obtained court records -- in both planes parents have a history of domestic violence in 2002 his father was charged with attempted murder. There have been conflicting reports -- was bullied in school. He's been described as a quiet -- one friend telling me he'd seen a change but nothing that raised alarms he was a good student school. EU which he justly -- option. They started jumping for the first time today we're hearing from frank hall the hero coats. Who chased -- out of the school saving untold lives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Vick owns. I was sick -- had done more. -- wasn't the only teacher who sprung into action yesterday. For years -- had been preparing for the unthinkable with drills like the one you see here good 2000 and. We conducted a drill. -- high school. -- -- and we would never use. -- skills today started -- pulling together as a community the school superintendent telling the country this tragedy is about much more than a terrible thing. It one small town. We're not just any old -- -- This -- every place. As you -- in the past. This could happen anywhere. Faculty and staff will gather -- nearby high school and elementary school tomorrow at 9 AM. Grief counselors will be on hand students return back to school on Friday.

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{"id":15812489,"title":"Ohio School Shooting Suspect: Why'd He Do It?","duration":"2:32","description":"Students and families at Chardon High School search for answers after tragedy.","url":"/WNT/video/ohio-school-shooting-suspect-why-he-did-it-15812489","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}