Ohio Town Sees Jobs Turnaround

Steubenville dubbed a "boomtown" for quick decline in unemployment.
3:13 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Ohio Town Sees Jobs Turnaround
Tonight world news takes you where the jobs are may surprise -- to learn there are places in this country where they are creating jobs at an astounding -- So what other secrets these modern day boom towns -- -- us tonight to the city -- the nation's second fastest drop in unemployment of ABC's Cynthia Vega. Takes justice -- bill Ohio. Student -- sits on a multi billion dollar industry. But you'd never know which riding through town we have officially in Iraq and didn't student. Once this town's lifeline steel mills that employee generations of formally. Now an empty reminder of what used to be and now shut down shattered really abandon deep below ground hope for a new way of life. It is the largest reserve of natural gas in the eastern -- -- for years. It sat dormant. Now technology has figured out a way to access the natural gas stored in shale rock which means a new industry rocketing into existence. And it's here that we met Lou listening gallon and his family -- Sydney and the kids lane jet NPD -- Prior Cecilia pricing may -- -- Lewis McAllen grew up here had to leave years ago to find work in Texas. The new jobs boom allowed this navy veteran to do something He never thought he'd be able to do. Com home. But -- start. However we are they can't. About that we are no hearing student -- can remember the last time they heard of jobs coming to town that pay as much as 77000. Dollars a year. But those jobs are coming -- even more than 200000. Of them over the next few years all around this region. This is a town where not too long ago unemployment spike to nearly 15%. But watching mixed in just the past five months -- -- -- has boomed. And if He keeps going at this pace every adult living in town could have one of those jobs by spring. There is a risk. Environmentalists say the process of pulling the natural gas from the ground can -- ground water. But locals maintain their standards are strictures in neighboring states. Residents say this is nothing but positive -- -- on the line for your family to pack up and move back here. Did I rolled the dice that everything I -- They're making her -- -- this past hour. And -- Jim -- already cashing in moving his stand shipping company to town. I've heard this area described as a little Saudi Arabia. That's that maybe for declares how badly does this period -- They didn't need it needs a real bad whole Appalachian area the state of Ohio needs a really bad and so -- on the gallons. -- while work. -- That shale bringing jobs Stephen bill stretches all the way -- -- Maryland West Virginia Pennsylvania. And New York two and Diane this could mean jobs all over the American --

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Steubenville dubbed a \"boomtown\" for quick decline in unemployment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14765506","title":"Ohio Town Sees Jobs Turnaround","url":"/WNT/video/ohio-town-sees-jobs-turnaround-14765506"}