Oklahoma Wildfires: More Residents Evacuated

Ten remaining fires force more people to flee their homes.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Transcript for Oklahoma Wildfires: More Residents Evacuated
where raging fires get a powerful second wind. Sending families fleeing again. Mike boettcher is there tonight. Reporter: Once more, fire had everything in its disposal, heat, winds, no rain. Fires dotted the landscape. Oklahomans fought back with futile effort. Is. It looks like dynamite going off. It's scary out there. Reporter: Heat so intense, it creates a rare weather system. Pyro cumulus clouds. Only abaded when temperatures dropped and the temperatures subsided. After the fire passed, jeff and his son came to help a neighbor whose home is a pile of ashes. A lot of people lost a lot of stuff. It's heartbreaking. Reporter: A neighbor whose son died two years suffered the worst in the ashes. Tyler spoke to him. He lost every picture he had of his kid. He has nothing to remember him after his son that died. Reporter: Nearby, brothers fish in the pond that demonstrates oklahoma's problem, heat and drought. In a normal year, they should be waist deep in water. It's hot. Reporter: Their father tries to put the best face on it. This is oklahoma. You never know what is going to happen. Reporter: Fire knocked out power to homes. Marion blankenship, whose home is spared by a few feet, works to get a generator started. He was luckier than his neighbors. I figured it was gone. The lord had to have his hands on it. Reporter: Despite the fire and heat and drought, the people who live around here, who call themselves okies say they are staying put. Just like their forefathers did. David? Staying put in the face of it. Mike boettcher, thanks to you. I want to bring in ginger zee tonight. You were telling me last night about the relief for oklahoma city, but it was brief relief. So brief. They need more of this. I want to show you oklahoma's pattern. It's going to shift again. A little bit of rain and not as hot today. MID AND UPPER 90s VERSUS THE 100, 110 plus. The cold front moves on and the WARM FRONT AGAIN, 100s AND GUSTY Winds book by this week. drought and a new report bay scientist who has sounded an alarm before on global warming. But a report tonight. James stanton is known as the godfather of global warning. But the new report links individual events including the between and 2010 european heat wave and the drought in oklahoma and texas last year, to climate change. He is a say is saying now we are living in science. A lot of people are beginning to ask with the drought we are seeing this summer. While you are here, tropical storm ernesto. Why is the route now? A lot of phoenix want to know, does it come to texas? It's still a tropical storm. It looks to become a hurricane and hit the yucatan peninsula. It's disorganized and right now, it looks like a mexican storm when it makes land fall but one little turn and we could be

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{"id":16935774,"title":"Oklahoma Wildfires: More Residents Evacuated","duration":"3:00","description":"Ten remaining fires force more people to flee their homes.","url":"/WNT/video/oklahoma-wildfires-residents-evacuated-16935774","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}