Olympic Air Scare: Alleged Hijacker Nabbed by Cops

Man, possibly drunk, reportedly claimed to have bomb, demanded to go to Sochi, Brian Ross
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Air Scare: Alleged Hijacker Nabbed by Cops
And we begin with that scare unfolding today on board a major passenger plane. And it comes at a time of heightened alert already. As much of the world was watching this, the opening ceremonies at the olympics in sochi, the fireworks over that Russian city, the choppers patrolling the air, we got word of this. That image, the passenger carried off the plane, while authorities say in the air, he began to demand they fly the plane to sochi, saying he had a bomb on board. The plane is now in Turkey, the plan man in custody. We begin here with ABC's chief investigative correspondent, Brian Ross. Reporter: The drama unfolded as the plane landed in istanbul, after pilots signaled there was a man with a bomb and a hijacking was underway. Turkish police say they subdued this 45-year-old ukranian man after he was fooled into thinking the plane had actually landed in sochi, as he had demanded. He was later described as a hooligan, who was under the influence of something, and no explosives were found. The pegasus airline jet flew from the Ukraine over the black sea to Turkey, passing a 350 miles from sochi. The opening ceremonies had been underway for about an hour when the news broke. Helicopters patrolled the air space around the olympic stadium. And there are missile batteries stationed in the mountains above sochi. Just in case. It's totally plausible to think someone might be given the order to fire to take down a commercial plane. Reporter: The incident underscored the concern by American officials about what they told ABC news today is an ongoing plot to blow up airplanes during the olympics. The effort to put a bomb on an airplane in and around sochi is an ongoing concern right now that Russian intelligence agencies are looking very closely at. Reporter: People briefed on the intelligence says it involved not only smuggling explosives on to planes in toothpaste tubes, which were banned earlier this week on flights to Russia. But also, officials say, there is intelligence that the plot involves tiny detonators taken from weapons being used in Syria. The new homeland security secretary said today the U.S. Is working closely with the Russians on the terror threats. We monitor events real time and take action when necessary to confront and respond to these threats. Reporter: Today's hijacking is seen as a fluke, not a terror incident, but a reminder that the threat could come from almost anywhere, any time over the next two weeks, David. A fluke, but troubling. Brian, thank you.

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{"id":22420670,"title":"Olympic Air Scare: Alleged Hijacker Nabbed by Cops","duration":"3:00","description":"Man, possibly drunk, reportedly claimed to have bomb, demanded to go to Sochi, Brian Ross","url":"/WNT/video/olympic-air-scare-alleged-hijacker-nabbed-cops-22420670","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}