Olympic Figure Skating Firestorm

Big debate over the figure skating gold medal that went to the hometown hero.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Figure Skating Firestorm
Russia, where the olympics are beginning to wrap up in sochi, today, more heartbreak for American hockey stars and more debate over that figure skating decision. Did the gold medal winner really have the right stuff? ABC's Matt Gutman decided to break it down. Reporter: Russia's Adelina sotnikova wobbled for gold as South Korea's yuna Kim seemed to whisper across the ice for just silver. The question today is, why? One theory -- technical excellence. Opening with her triple Lutz combination. Reporter: While every one of Kim's 11 jumps appeared flawless, sotnikova took more risks and her combinations -- like this one -- were more difficult. Watch again. So much speed required to soar into those 2 1/2 rotations, then launch right into that triple, three spins high above the ice. Sotnikova had the same number of jumps as Kim, but seven of hers were in the final two minutes, when judges award bonus points because a skater's legs are so tired. Enough for gold? Or was there something sinister at play? Of the nine judges, four are from former soviet bloc nations. Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Slovakia, and heading up the technical panel in charge of scoring spins and jumps, the vice president of the Russian figure skating committee. How is it possible that the technical controller is the vp of the Russian skating federation. This sport is full of conflicts of interest, and every four years it bubbles to the surface and everyone is just shocked at what they see. But this is business as usual in figure skating. Reporter: Canada edging out the U.S. Women last night. Watch this gut-wrencher. A lucky shot that sends the puck skittering towards an empty net and a U.S. Victory, but no, it bounces off the post. Half an inch one way, maybe this would be a different story. Reporter: But a silver lining on the slopes tonight with a golden outcome for the U.S. 18-year-old American Mikaela shiffrin, one of the few phenoms to live up to her hype, becoming the youngest champion in slalom in olympic history. Thank you, Matt. Millions of Americans are

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{"id":22627786,"title":"Olympic Figure Skating Firestorm","duration":"3:00","description":"Big debate over the figure skating gold medal that went to the hometown hero.","url":"/WNT/video/olympic-figure-skating-firestorm-22627786","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}