Olympic Games Begin

Michael Phelps struggles in epic rivalry as U.S. wins first medals.
2:31 | 07/28/12

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Transcript for Olympic Games Begin
The first full day of olympic competition is now in the recordbooks and there are some stunning results to report. And take a look at this photo. It says it all. 14-time gold medal swimmer michael phelps in disbelief. Almost failing to qualify for an event he won during the last two olympics. Meanwhile, the u.S. Women's soccer team advanced to the semifinals with a powerful show of skill and team spirit. For more on that and all of the other olympic highlights we turn to abc's jeffery kofman in london tonight. Good evening jeffery. Reporter: Sharyn, good evening to you from olympic park. Of the 12 gold medals up for grabs on the first day of competition, the u.S. Snagged two but the results left at least a few americans in shock. As expected an american won gold in the pool today but it was not michael phelps. His teammate and friend, ryan lochte smoked him in the 400 meter medley by more than 3 seconds. Phelps was staggered to see himself in fourth place, not even a medal. He could barely get himself out of the pool. He has won medals, including 14 2000, until today. A tweet from the winner, thanks to my fans. This gold was for lochte nation. And from phelps, con greats to ryan lochte. Way to keep that title in the country where it belongs. Adding not pleased with my race tonight at all. But tomorrow is a new day and a new race. Meanwhile an american upset in archery. The u.S. Team knocking out the once unbeatable south koreans, and coming oh, so close to gold, only to be knocked down to silver by an italian that hit bull's-eye. In qualifying it was a wobbly start for the u.S. Women's basketball team, winner of four golds in past olympics, the team struggled against croatia finally dominating in the last quarter. U.S.81, croatia, 56. For the americans, these are moments they'll never forget. This is a special once in a lifetime experience to go to the olympics. And cheer on your country. I think I'm rooting for the u.S. It's cool to see all of the other teams, all of the other flags, but I got the usa pride in me. I'm rooting for them. And a touching moment when the u.S. Woman's soccer team defeated in colombia. After scoring a goal, player megan rapinoe pulled out a note from her shoe with a birthday greeting for fellow player, ali kreiger, who was side lined due

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{"id":16879033,"title":"Olympic Games Begin","duration":"2:31","description":"Michael Phelps struggles in epic rivalry as U.S. wins first medals.","url":"/WNT/video/olympic-games-begin-16879033","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}