Opening Ceremony: London 2012 Olympics Begin

Michelle Obama leads U.S. delegation at Olympic Games festivities.
1:51 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Opening Ceremony: London 2012 Olympics Begin
been waiting the official start of the olympic games. The magic of the moment dampened by good old-fashioned british weather. Just as the opening ceremonies began, the heavens parted and the torrents poured. Abc has a remarkable feed there. Bill weir says game on and good evening to you. Reporter: Yes, indeed. But I got to correct you. This is england. Rain was written into the script tonight. It would be disappointing if it didn't fall. It did let up in time. If you could bottle all the energy and anticipation in that stadium, you could power the planet tonight. Without giving anything away, here now a first peek at london 2012's $40 million spectacle. For the one-time empire, this was a moment to prove british brilliance, transforming olympic stadium from a lush island to an industrial monster where fifrs of steel form one glowing ring, then two, then five. At the delight of the royals, danny boyle used music, dance, light and stage craft to pay tribute to everything from james bond and the queen to peter pan and british e. Brin's national health care system. A moment of relief for danny boyle who won an oscar for "slumdog millionaire," but this was a challenge unlike any other. It's live and one-time only. I'll never do one again, but it's extraordinary to be involved. Representing the white house, first lady michele obama, who started the day focusing on her get hit campaign. She also indulged in some olympic day dreaming of her own. What would your olympic event be, if you were an athlete? What would you play? Complete fantasy, I would be a gymnast. But come on, 5'11". I tried. But I'm in awe of what those women and men can do, the strength, combined everything, dance, strength, acrobatics, but that's really a fantasy. If we get to something more realistic, maybe it would be track. Okay. I'd like to think I was fast. Reporter: And with the games officially under way, focus turns to one of the great rival riz of 2012, not between nations, but teammates. Michael phelps and his long-time runner-up ryan lochte. By the tiniest of slivers he lost to phelps again and again until the recent u.S. Trials. Now the fun-loving man with his epic strong man training regimen is the favorite to own the pool. But truth that it's not old claw competition. Team usa has put out their version of carly ray jetson's catchy summer diddy "call me maybe." . If they sweep up the medals, it will be a sign of their loose camaraderie. If they don't, let the questions begin. Quickly, the hottest of tickets tonight, but there have been some issues. I understand general admission ticket isn't what he think it might be? I'm hearing complaints from so many americans. There was one ioc broker that deals to america, canada, australia. Six-hour lines, family members split up on different sides of the arena. People not being able to get into the park. So we'll see how that plays out, but still a lot of excitement in london tonight.

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{"id":16874330,"title":"Opening Ceremony: London 2012 Olympics Begin","duration":"1:51","description":"Michelle Obama leads U.S. delegation at Olympic Games festivities.","url":"/WNT/video/opening-ceremony-london-2012-olympics-begin-16874330","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}