Opera Great Renee Fleming to Sing at Super Bowl

The first time an opera singer will perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Opera Great Renee Fleming to Sing at Super Bowl
And finally tonight, a lot of firsts at the super bowl. The first-ever cold-weather open era arena, the first time they bring one of those big voices from opera to take on the national anthem. ABC's David Muir, now W the down to Earth and very glamorous Renee Fleming who is our person of the week. Reporter: She's the opera star who's about to tackle something different. Renee Fleming is already a huge star on her own turf. You're breaking a barrier this Sunday. Yes. Reporter: Never in the history of the super bowl have they chosen an opera star. Alicia keys, Christina Aguilera. Lot of pop divas. Reporter: Do you like that. Reporter: It's not just me, she's known as the people's diva. Performing at the met, all over the world. The girl from upstate New York, raised in Rochester, her dad conducting there, in fact, both her parents music teachers. As the big game now approaches, she knows the pop stars that come before her. I can't sing like that. I do something different. Reporter: But even for the most talented singers, the star-spangled banner is notoriously different. She's been waking up tonight aware of the flubs that have been made before her. ♪ Land of the free ♪ Reporter: Even Christina Aguilera couldn't hit it. That last line is the tough one. Hitting the high note. Yeah,but, that's what we do. I mean, the singing is the least of my worries. Wait, wait. Knock on wood. Reporter: The high note the least of her worries, after all, she hits it several nights a week. You think they found someone to hit the high note? We'll do it a few times. Reporter: We like it, you heard it. How she's saving the voice, now whispering in restaurants in these final hours and quietly rehearsing the words in her head and backstage, just watch the other singers when they realize it's her. To the queen, they say, a parting of the sea backstage, they can't wait to wow a different crowd Sunday night. I mean, literally, the super bowl. I mean, who would have thought it? We'll be watching and cheering you on. Thank you. We choose the wonderful Renee Fleming.

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{"id":22324796,"title":"Opera Great Renee Fleming to Sing at Super Bowl","duration":"3:00","description":"The first time an opera singer will perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.","url":"/WNT/video/opera-great-renee-fleming-sing-super-bowl-22324796","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}