Oprah Winfrey's First Graduating Class

100 percent of "Mom Oprah's" leadership academy students will attend college.
4:29 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Oprah Winfrey's First Graduating Class
A milestone for Oprah after five years of laughter and challenges from teenage girls for the woman they call mom Oprah. Tomorrow night a triumph the first graduating class of the Oprah Winfrey leadership academy for girls in South Africa. Will walk across the stage and 100%. Of them. Are going to college 10% of -- coming to the United States and we talk to Oprah today about their future. And hurts. Here they were when -- first saw -- five years ago a 152 girls in white ankle socks. From lives lived on dirt floors. -- houses. Girls with little future. But standing there believing in all their potential. Oprah. Who tells us on average. They have suffered six trauma in fact the school will have -- grief counselor on duty. There's death -- spades there's sorrow and still they rise. And still they rise and they are going to be leaders. Today when those ankle -- have been treated for white heels -- senior class of 72 girls practicing their graduation march. Girls with. Names like children who showed -- the little room where she grew up and could not believe the first time she got to sleep in the bed. We'll look at her today does not nasty and councilor -- She pounded us with questions and vitality like -- -- who grew up in dire poverty and the township where students barely spoke English but the -- -- was already thinking big and told me this was the question she wanted to ask Oprah. Why did just. -- -- Yeah -- yes -- have a million questions you know yesterday. There they were asking me questions about and how are you going to feel when we leave and I said relieved to. The -- ever did this -- go grow and please lied lied lied -- children. What he learned about yourself. Things don't always happen that way you want -- to happen especially. If you're fourteen. 1516. That goes fourteen to sixteen will her body. Five years of teenage rebellion like the time she flew to South Africa only defined and organized protest at the school. From the girls who wanted fewer rules of supervision. Some of them I thought were okay and some not so look. Like the tradition of like bringing boys on campus for that. -- -- dance prom night don't start back. All in all it's been quite a year. For the woman who gave McCain Michelle -- 25 years only to find herself starting over again to build own the -- network. Pushing that rock up that -- you know -- It's not a rocket -- boulder never think wired night just out under training with the book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That I think that every day I think every day every debt is that getting ready to go into the -- every day is on. You know -- suiting up to go. And some new adventure in Iraq a new adventure for her and her 72 young beacons of hope when -- nation. I feel that it -- my -- and they thought that the -- before you -- -- -- proposed -- to be recognized for what he's doing but he -- The song they will see their graduation. In -- -- I will be celebrating. I would be. Trying to take all of that in looking into the eyes of parents -- Will. For sure. No. That is poverty cycle that the cycle of poverty has been broken. A future super light and someone wants -- to Oprah. -- -- And they will. And they will. Class of twelve from Oprah's leadership academy you've shown us all how do believe. Despite the odds they are persons of the week.

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{"id":15358618,"title":"Oprah Winfrey's First Graduating Class","duration":"4:29","description":"100 percent of \"Mom Oprah's\" leadership academy students will attend college.","url":"/WNT/video/oprah-winfreys-graduating-class-15358618","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}