Orange Juice Alert

Government inspectors find unapproved chemicals in some overseas imports.
2:18 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Orange Juice Alert
Because a large amount of -- is coming from overseas has been cited for traces of an unapproved chemical. The price of Orange juice on the commodities markets soared today and we have the whole picture what happened from ABC's Lisa stark. It all began with a confidential call to the FDA. And orange juice company the government won't say which one said it found something in its -- and that of the competitor that should not be there. A pesticide. Used to kill fungus in the orange groves. The chemical called -- and disease is not approved for use on citrus in the US. But it is used. Around the world not all of the art institutes that US consumers drink and comes from aren't -- they -- ground here in eight states. And just because -- chemicals illegal here doesn't mean other countries don't allow it to. -- used the -- with the chemical in it was imported from Brazil. So tonight the FDA is scrambling to test orange juice at the nation's ports and processing plants. So far the levels are low and there's no health hazard. But an animal studies in -- high levels the chemical has been linked to hormonal and reproductive problems. Just and it opens up its. Whole line of questioning about what don't we know about the way it's being produced other countries. In the case of Orange juice over a quarter of what we buy comes from other countries mostly Brazil and Mexico. It's mixed with -- from America all listed in the fine print. Grown food is increasingly a fact of life. Buying a line 100%. Are now imported -- -- 75% of our apple juice asparagus and process mushrooms. We saw firsthand the amount of -- pouring in -- just one US Mexico border crossing is staggering. The FDA inspects only about 2%. It's mainly -- to other countries and importers to ensure this food is safe. The FDA is warning orange juice companies to come up with a way to ensure that this pesticide does not show up in the orange juice here. As of tonight though the government says your orange juice is safe to drink. But it continues testing.

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{"id":15333690,"title":"Orange Juice Alert","duration":"2:18","description":"Government inspectors find unapproved chemicals in some overseas imports.","url":"/WNT/video/orange-juice-alert-15333690","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}