New Orleans Braces for Isaac 7 Years After Katrina

Hurricane could be first major test for newly beefed-up levies.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for New Orleans Braces for Isaac 7 Years After Katrina
And to new orleans, abc's bill weir is right there. Reporter: With the waves on pontchartrain getting meaner, this could be the last jog for awhile, and it is too late to think about filling another sandbag, or gas tank. Now's not the time to tempt fate, now's not the time to dismiss official warnings, you need to take this seriously. Reporter: The warnings have come from all levels, and even in the french quarter, where the party never stop, the prudents are well stocked. I bought five cases of water and six cases of wine. Reporter: This could be the first major test for those multi-billion dollar levies, beefed up since breaking under katrina seven years ago this week. Robert green's family rode their floating roof through those waters that day, his mother died in front of them, his granddaughter swept away. But thanks to brad pitt's foundation, he nowas a much stronger house, and en peace of mind to stay. We're happy as a family to be here. But at the same time, we can be prudent and be attentive to what's going on around us. Reporter: Across town, we found a shelter filled with the same kind of weather-worn pragmatism. There's no place like home. I'm serious, there's no place like home. Reporter: But there are also those just starting to grasp worst-case scenarios. I don't like dying at this early at my age. I don't want to die. Reporter: Right. You're not going to die tonight, I promise you. You're safe here. Such heartbreaking innocence, but isaac also bringing out the worst in human nature. Already a handful left of looters taking advantage of some of the evacuated homes here. Diane, the new orleans police department, among all the first responders, determined to get this town through another dark and stormy night. All right, bill. I know you will be there throughout this night and so will the rest of the weather team. We thank all of you as we turn

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{"id":17099020,"title":"New Orleans Braces for Isaac 7 Years After Katrina","duration":"3:00","description":"Hurricane could be first major test for newly beefed-up levies.","url":"/WNT/video/orleans-braces-isaac-years-katrina-17099020","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}