Oscar-Nominated 'The Help' a Commercial Success

Moviegoers flock to see an incredible group of women in heartwarming drama.
2:47 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Oscar-Nominated 'The Help' a Commercial Success
Oscar season is here and one of the favorites the help celebrating the incredible real life woman who -- so many children across the southeast unsung heroes. The -- Deborah Roberts sits down with two of the movie stars. It is Hollywood Cinderella stories at the Helm. A low budget film turned blockbuster success that is made major stars of its two main characters. By -- Davis and Octavia Spencer are both nominated for Oscar awards Octavia has already claimed two major awards for her portrayal of many. A price too -- tempered mainly in 1960s Mississippi. Oh -- -- this means so much to make. It's all of this vindication over of the naysayers who. Grumbled that this is Hollywood once again embracing. A movie with old stereotypes. This is where people probably crucify me but. I don't think it's the typical of what we've always seen its -- from a perspective that record. This helped offers a wrenching look at those women who -- homes for white families and lovingly raised their children. Yet more often denied basic dvds. -- family -- -- Viola Davis has won widespread acclaim for her role as Italy. A maid who finds her voice but -- secretly revealing her life to a young white woman who's writing a controversial book what. Most most wrenching scene from you I have to tell you the most wrenching scenes from me. Was the bridge club -- And I have nothing because -- disease could get. Requires every. Have a separate from the -- -- convey it all in my face but. Just as a human being. Not. Being allowed to express are getting out. To be able to hear yourself talk about in the -- -- -- soul demeaning. And dehumanizing. Acts. And in terminal. Every single day I did that for two weeks it was very difficult. It may just be the hidden strings behind this movie highlighting a painful moment in the past. While offering a new opportunity to talk about it. And Deborah Roberts is with us here -- the desk in New York to talk about the hidden power behind the film -- also told you about the number of times. The original book behind this was actually turned down it was rejected by sixty publishers David before it was finally picked up and then of course went on to become a runaway success and now ten years later nominated for four Oscars and her -- -- you've come to know you said this film was quite personal. She told me that her own mother was -- -- and she was able to draw some inspiration from her knowledge of that and of course now all the more remarkable. The daughter of a made winning critical acclaim and success for playing one in the movies.

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{"id":15564809,"title":"Oscar-Nominated 'The Help' a Commercial Success","duration":"2:47","description":"Moviegoers flock to see an incredible group of women in heartwarming drama. ","url":"/WNT/video/oscar-nominated-commercial-success-the-help-incredible-women-drama-entertainment-15564809","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}