Oscar's Biggest Secret: The Men Behind the Envelopes

Accountants at Price Waterhouse tally the Academy's votes for Hollywood's biggest night.
1:41 | 02/24/13

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Transcript for Oscar's Biggest Secret: The Men Behind the Envelopes
job it is to keep. They're the only people on the planet who already know who's going to win at tonight's academy awards and they won't tell anyone. Abc's nick watt gave it a shot anyway. Reporter: Who will win? Who will bathe in oscar glory tonight? Right now rick and brad, accountants at price waterhouse cooper, are the only people who know. Reporter: Look me in the eye and tell me you've never told anybody anything ever? I've never told anybody anything ever. Reporter: Not even your family? Not even close. They don't even ask. Reporter: Okay. Here's how baldwin and martin say it works. The ballots are sent out to 6,000 members of the academy and are tabulated by price waterhouse. And then no matter what, they nominate meryl streep. Reporter: Not true. The cases are held in a secret location. I see you're not on the face. We take separate routes to the academy awards show. We each have our own security individual that's there to, as rick always likes to say, protect the envelopes and not us. Colin firth, "the king's speech." Reporter: What about the runner's up? There are people who missed out by one or two votes and you're the only people who know. Correct. Reporter: And you won't tell us? No. Reporter: They love the responsibility, but keep their feet on the ground. Backstage at the oscars, certainly humbling and reminds you why you're an accountant. Reporter: Keep an eye out for them on the red carpet. Enjoying their big night. They'll be the guys clutching those brief cases. Nick watt, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":18583562,"title":"Oscar's Biggest Secret: The Men Behind the Envelopes","duration":"1:41","description":"Accountants at Price Waterhouse tally the Academy's votes for Hollywood's biggest night.","url":"/WNT/video/oscars-biggest-secret-men-envelopes-18583562","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}