Passengers React to ABC News TSA Theft Report

Congressman calls for "complete overhaul" of TSA.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Passengers React to ABC News TSA Theft Report
We begin here with new fallout after that abc news investigation this week. Brian ross and his team uncovering widespread theft by tsa offers. Some of them stealing your property as it goes through those scanners. Last night, you saw brian ross track one stolen I pad to an agent's home. Tonight, congress taking notice, some calling it the last straw. In just 24 hours, we heard from thousands of viewers, sending us messages, outraged. Some saying it's happening to them. Here are just a couple of their voices. I think, for sure, that the tsa employees have been involved in removing personal items from my bag. Took my shoes off, went through the machine, bent over, put my shoes on, turn around, grab my cash, wallet and cell phone was missing. So, we turn to brian ross and today, you got capitol hill's attention. Reporter: That's right, david. Calling for a total reform and sweeping changes in the management of tsa. And the inspector general of homeland security, saying the case we uncovered has been referred to federal authorities for criminal prosecution. While members of come are calling for a complete overhaul of tsa, hundreds of airline passengers are also reacting. Some saying they, too, have been victims of tsa theft, but no one would believe them. Airline and tsa have been zero help, wrote a woman on facebook, who said her laptop went missing after tsa went through her checked luggage at jfk. This man told us by sky, no one seemed to care that his kindle went missing after a tsa officer allegedly took it out of his backpack at a ft. Lauderdale screening checkpoint. I'm just totally disturbed by their total lack, complete apathy. Reporter: Dallas businessman dirk says he also got the cold shoulder from tsa after his ipad disappeared from his checked luggage. Gone. Completely gone. Reporter: Using the find me app, he tracked it to this man, tsa officer clayton dovo, who authorities say was found with at least five other stolen i pads when he was arrested. It's less the value of the item. It's the fact of being violated in some way. Reporter: Our abc news investigation of theft at the tsa revealed 381 tsa officers fired for stealing from passengers. A convicted tsa officer, describing a culture of indifference to theft. When people started seeing they could profit off it, it became massive. Reporter: And we saw for ourselves what happened, when a tsa took an ipad we left behind on purpose in orlando. At nine other airports, we got our I pads back. In orlando, after filling out a missing property report, we were told the item was not found, and no further action was taken. It was only when we tracked the missing ipad to the tsa officer's home that we were able to recover it, leading to the officer being fired, despite his claim his wife had taken it. My wife, I'm so -- Reporter: Your wife? My wife says she got the ipad and brought it home. Reporter: For its critics in congress, our report on the tsa was only the latest example in a series of miscues, invasions of privacy and just yesterday, the failure of tsa screeners to spot a loaded pistol left in a woman's purse inadvertently. The weapon got past the tsa checkpoint and made it onto a flight where the woman, a florida firefighter, realized what happened and reported it to authorities. Yet another unwelcome headline. Brian, thank you. Now to the race for

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{"id":17352919,"title":"Passengers React to ABC News TSA Theft Report","duration":"3:00","description":"Congressman calls for \"complete overhaul\" of TSA.","url":"/WNT/video/passengers-react-abc-news-tsa-theft-report-17352919","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}