The Path of the Dangerous Winter Storm Across the Country

Ginger Zee tracks the storm and tells us what to expect next.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for The Path of the Dangerous Winter Storm Across the Country
More about the storm exactly where it is. And what's coming right behind -- and ABC's meteorologist ginger -- is tracking that for us tonight ginger. And so many folks waiting for maybe just starting to see the first place -- let me tell you it is about to get Iraq and I want taking it through the timeline of how the storm a faxed most of the East Coast and you colors. Seeing their -- full in parts of Pennsylvania Al -- -- look at the storm animation takes us here. Timeline that is tonight -- 8 PM till about 4 AM that the bulk of this snow will fall and then by tomorrow afternoon it is gone and behind it very cold air. Still how much snow are we talking and remember this is not just -- but in some places intense wind. And that's why we have blizzard warnings in parts of Long Island the -- coastal -- parts of New Hampshire -- look at the numbers you'll be in the six to ten inch range if you're in the pink. You should that purple lynch that is where you get ten to fourteen in some places and got to tell you be a foot and a half and locally in areas. Then the cold -- mentioned it once but you've got to see it again because we're talking about the coldest air that we have seen since the mid ninety's in some places as if it hasn't been a torturous winter already. Look at the high temperatures that's right I said high temperatures. As Minneapolis. Is that nine below on Saturday fifteen -- on Monday it's not just the northern plains and Great Lakes -- Chicago goes to nine below for a high. It's Nashville only fourteen for a high on Monday that cold air sticking around and cold air what. Florida's asking I don't know -- anything like that well early this morning they had lows in the seven days. Well -- Norris and parts of Minnesota in -- Minnesota actually having a record low. A 47 below and in case it can't do the math that fast we -- if -- -- 124 degree difference across this nation and ginger let's go back to that -- called for America's I know you wanna warn everybody how quickly you can get in trouble outside. Yeah and especially because it when you have temperatures in some of those northern plains areas 45 below zero and all the put on the fifteen mile per hour wind. -- looking at frost -- in just ten minutes so please take extra care. And cover up if you're gonna be exposed at all everyone take care and bundle up out there tonight thank you so much -- Jersey.

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{"id":21405387,"title":"The Path of the Dangerous Winter Storm Across the Country","duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the storm and tells us what to expect next.","url":"/WNT/video/path-dangerous-winter-storm-country-21405387","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}