Paul Ryan Bio: Who Is Romney's Running Mate?

ABC News' Rick Klein details the Vice Presidential candidate from Wisconsin.
3:00 | 08/11/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Bio: Who Is Romney's Running Mate?
Abc news confirming that mitt romney made his v.P. Choice more than a week ago before growing pressure with the republican party to go bold. "The wall street journal" late this week calling on romney to pick ryan. The romney campaign saying they had already made their choice. Other names reacting to the news, florida senator marco rubio thought to be a possible pick now saying that paul ryan is a truly inspired choice. Pawlenty calling ryan a bold thinker. And republican portman saying paul ryan was a leading voice on the most pressing issues facing our country. So who is paul ryan? Known to many in the political world because of that controversial budget plan plan. Tonight, we look at the side you haven't seen. The side now in the national spotlight. Reporter: At 42 years old, paul ryan is also a family man. The father of three children, liza, charlie and sam, right there with him today. A catholic, he's been married to his wife janna, a tax lawyer for 12 years now. He proposed to her while celebrating another love with her, fly fishing in northern wisconsin. An avid outdoorsman he loves to hunt. Paul davis ryan was born in wisconsin, the youngest of four children. He still lives down the block from the house he grew up in. And even though he's been a congressman in washington for 14 years, elected at just 28 years old, his family never moved to d.C. He never even purchased a home there. He stays with family near the capital. But more often than not, he sleeps in his office. Shed it's easier to keep working that way. Back in high school in that wisconsin town, he was clearly popular. Classmates voting him prom king they also voted him biggest brown noser. But it was what paul ryan faced away from school that shaped the young man. At 16 years old he found his father dead of a heart attack. He was just 55. His grandfather died of a heart attack at 57. His great grandfather died in HIS 50s, TOO. He relied on social security benefits to make his way into college. And now a lightning rod when it comes to the solutions to the ballooning deficit, he talked about that with our christiane amanpour. I hear this all the time from the political people, from the pundits and pollsters that this could hurt us politically. I don't care about that. What I care about is fixing this country and getting the debt situation under control. Reporter: There was a question she asked a year ago. A fact that is front and center again. How do you feel about being made the boogieman with all the budget business? You know, I don't really think about it. I sleep well at night. Reporter: He sleeps well knowing he's fighting for a cause he believes in. He's also known for another kind of workout. Concapitol hill, sometimes leading p-90x, those workouts for his fellow lawmakers.

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{"id":16987091,"title":"Paul Ryan Bio: Who Is Romney's Running Mate?","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein details the Vice Presidential candidate from Wisconsin.","url":"/WNT/video/paul-ryan-bio-romneys-running-mate-16987091","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}