Paul Ryan Changes President Obama's Campaign

Democrats work to figure out a strategy based on Romney's running mate.
3:00 | 08/11/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Changes President Obama's Campaign
reporters. And our thanks to the behind the scenes political teams in so many driveways across america. David kerley at the white house. In a tighter race? Reporter: We have no idea. The president didn't even look towards reporters as he left for chicago. But plenty of democrats are giddy, calling ryan an extreme choice. The ticket, a match made in millionaires' heaven. Ryan, the author of a disastrous budget. says the republican ticket will place greater burdens on the middle class and seniors. Democrats have attacked ryan's budget. Tax cuts for the rich and changes to medicare as we know it. Last year, a liberal group used this ad to make the points. ♪ Reporter: In many ways romney's choice plays into the obama campaign plan. Make the selection less about the job the president has done. Let's clarify the choice and help them shift the election more towards the choice side and away from solely the referendum. In the past few years which would be awful tough to win. Reporter: Tonight, the obama has already posted a web ad. And in rewriting it to help the system. Medicare, the entire tax system. Reporter: While romney is calling his ticket the comeback team, the president's campaign is tagging it the "go back team." The president is in chicago tonight. His first stop, campaign headquarters for a meeting about the new political landscape. How is the campaign feeling about this? Well, the obama website has been updated, david, it says "game on." Not surprising. Didn't take long, david kerley tonight. I want to bring in rick klein. Rick, we know the incoming fire will be coming with suggested answers. Hoarse a suggested talking point. They say governor romney applauds paul ryan for going in the right direction with his budget, according to the talking points. And as president, he will be putting together his own plan for cutting the plan. This race was about small things and suddenly it's about very big things. Mitt romney is looking for just enough daylight to separate himself from his running mate. You know, rick, as I worked the source overnight, one source told me when I asked about paul ryan, look for the numbers. In wisconsin, he was one of the picks that could get very close to it. That's right, his home state very good potentially. What about the key, women, hispanics and the youth vote all important for romney to carve out the support. Go back to that image, david. This say new face for the american party. It's a new generation represented on that stage. The one word that romney/ryan wants to project is bold. Be sure to tune in first thing tomorrow morning with "this week" with george. But we do move on tonight and to other news. This note from overseas tonight.

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{"id":16987019,"title":"Paul Ryan Changes President Obama's Campaign","duration":"3:00","description":"Democrats work to figure out a strategy based on Romney's running mate.","url":"/WNT/video/paul-ryan-president-obamas-campaign-16987019","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}