Paul Ryan Reflects on RNC Speech

VP nominee discusses Wednesday's message and the GOP's future.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Reflects on RNC Speech
Last night's big event was the vice presidential candidate, paul ryan. We're told about 22 million people watched him. He stopped by here to see us not long ago. Last night, tell me what mrs. Ryan said when I came off. I just said, mom, I love you very much. Hope you don't mind I talked about you. She was great. She's a team. She was very proud. Janna was very excited for me. And we saw sam? Somebody who was passed his bedtime. That was sam. He goes to bed at eight. This was really late for him. We are sitting here looking at the debt clock over there. Will it go over 16 tonight? I can't see that well. I can squint pretty hard and see it. At the pace we're on, we'll see how fast it's moving. What about talking about very big specific cuts? Because I read in "time" magazine that the governor was asked about specific big cuts, said the democrats would love to have specific cuts so they can mask special interests to fight them. He didn't give them. Well, he said 5% cut in basic discretionary funding -- on what? Government agency budget. He's saying 5% for government agency -- but do you expect to get more specific about more -- beyond the government bureaucracy, to get more specific beyond the government bureaucracy? What it will take to prevent a debt crisis and solutions to get people back to work than anybody else, including the president himself. We pulled a couple pictures. Oh, gosh. I don't think there's a mullet involved in any of these photos, right? No. We're way too charitable for that. But I wanted to show you, because the trajectory -- look at this photo. That looks like sam, doesn't it? This is me in kindergarten. YOU CAN TELL BY THE '70s Wardrobe I have there. Exactly. I think my mom made this, actually. Thatsam ryan now. And also,we've heard so much about your dad. Found this picture. Yeah, that's my mom, you saw her last night. And that's my dad. How much are you thinking about him? A lot. I think about him quite a bit. Even though I was 16 when he passed away, he was a very ethical man, he believed in academics and hard work and just paving your way in life. There are lot of those things he'd say over and over again. We'd roll our eyes as kids, but they really stick with us. And by the way, we thought we were geniuses here because he famously said the vice presidential candidate, so we had a healthy snack and he told us the one thing he doesn't like, raisins. He likes california, but not raisins. I want to go straight to abc's jon carl because all attention on governor romney. What is the crowd telling you they want to hear him say? It's the biggest night of the entire campaign. They want to hear about mitt romney the man. The campaign believes there will be upwards of 40 million people watching tonight. Never had an audience that big again. They want to hear his story. Romney isn't comfortable talking about his personal biography. He's going to have to do it tonight. These people believe that the country is ready to fire barack obama, but they aren't sold on mitt romney. This is his single best opportunity to change that tonight. Talk about the pressure on him, thank you. Turning to george stephanopoulos. George, what are you hearing? To pick up on what he said, there's a lot of talk about clint eastwood being the surprise. Mitt romney has to be the surprise tonight. He has to come out tonight and show people, as jon was saying, a side of himself that they haven't seen before, but that he doesn't want to let them in on. He's got to write something into that speech that is hard for him to say, to go out and do it anyway, tell the hard truth about himself. So it will be surprising enough that they think he went far? So he can capture the imagination of the public. We'll be right here with the entire abc news political team. At the moment governor mitt romney takes the stage at 10:00 p.M. Eastern time. Sure want you with us tonight.

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{"id":17119951,"title":"Paul Ryan Reflects on RNC Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"VP nominee discusses Wednesday's message and the GOP's future.","url":"/WNT/video/paul-ryan-reflects-rnc-speech-17119951","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}