Paul Ryan Reviews Mitt Romney's Failed Bid For President

Jon Karl speaks to the vice presidential candidate about the 2012 election.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paul Ryan Reviews Mitt Romney's Failed Bid For President
-- ABC news exclusive congressman Paul Ryan speaking out of his first network television interview. About Mitt Romney the big campaign the top election defeat. One week ago millions of Americans saw his name on the ballot running for vice president of the United States. Tonight ABC's Jonathan Karl sits down with him to ask why did they lose how to did go wrong on election night. How much of a shock was it. Well you know. We we thought we had a really good chance of winning me on the polling in the data and all the people who are the Smart people who watch this stuff. They had. A pretty optimistic view on the night. And to going into Boston that day we felt like we had -- pretty darn good chance when. So as you can imagine it was a bit of a shock when we didn't plan if you were the running -- what would -- was that the campaign Paul Ryan would have -- -- gosh. You know. I think he. When you could join a ticket. Three months out you joined somebody's campaign. I was really impressed with the way mic in hand. Brought us into the fold so I was very encouraged by that I really enjoyed it. And I wanted to run a big campaign on ideas we didn't -- we ran on -- Saturday Night Live poked fun at Ryan a native of Janesville Wisconsin for failing to help Romney win his home state and -- sent me to come get -- father. Paul Ryan's doing feats of strength in the drawing room. I'd like to see -- like to sit here it was sent -- -- what happened in Wisconsin we'll expect you lost Janesville. Well John McCain I think guys have like 35 -- -- I think we got a little higher than that it. Little bit. G angels always voted Democrat top of the ticket. Wisconsin has always voted Democrat have -- after the Reagan 84 -- -- so we knew we were pushing against the trends. We knew it was uphill battle but we still fought so the president wins 330 some -- -- votes every battleground state with the exception North Carolina. Does -- Obama now have a mandate. I don't think so because they also reelected the house Republican's. So what the people. Intended or not we've got divided government. You don't and so indicator so I don't because -- then they would have put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the house represents. -- I think these ideas that we talked about I think they're popular ideas this is a very close election. And unfortunately. And -- -- government and work very well last two years we're gonna to make sure works in the next two years that means I think. That both parties have talked to each other but could you see yourself supporting a plan that raised actress you know Allentown reported raising taxpayers have to you -- support -- one I don't wanna get -- -- media but I do not support raising tax rates. Period I've said that. Haven't seen that my entire career Diane Sawyer asked speaker Boehner if you are now de facto leader of the Republican Party and that his answer. Was all I wouldn't think so Paul Ryan's policy more I -- that is great compliment from -- is that is that your role in the Republican look at your house policy long. I've always been -- -- the house policy wonks my role is to be induced a -- to continue to be a champion of ideas to help our power party -- reform party. That shows how we get economic growth. Ryan said he completely unplugged in the days after the campaign he didn't even hear the news about David Petraeus is resignation -- questions about its timing until later. Instead he was hunting and spending time when his -- In the great thing about this just this last week and I got to go to both my boys basketball games -- got to go to two of my daughter's volleyball games so there's an upside Elizabeth. There's an -- losing which is reconnect with my family which is something we've always we are very close family -- people that is -- family. I'm excited about getting back to work here. Paul Ryan's three kids were all in elementary school saw one big upside to losing. They get to stay in their school he told me they were worried that if -- -- -- gonna have to move to Washington switched schools and -- -- Democrat so you know you're asking about 2016 what about it is CN. Well he said it is way too early even to think about running -- when he sixteen. But -- lot of Republicans say that he will be the clear. Front runner going into the at least six team battle for the Republican presidential nomination right Jonathan -- -- interview with Paul right.

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{"id":17711574,"title":"Paul Ryan Reviews Mitt Romney's Failed Bid For President","duration":"3:00","description":"Jon Karl speaks to the vice presidential candidate about the 2012 election.","url":"/WNT/video/paul-ryan-reviews-mitt-romneys-failed-bid-president-17711574","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}