Paula Deen Breaks Silence on Diabetes

Celebrity chef known for comfort food reveals she was diagnosed years ago.
2:42 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Deen Breaks Silence on Diabetes
The -- house chef and author Paula dean the queen of comfort food revealed today she does have type two diabetes. A disease that can be brought on by diet and weight she is famous for those high sugar high fat dishes dean says she was diagnosed years ago. But kept silent until now why here's ABC's Josh -- She's the self proclaimed queen of southern cuisine foods that tantalized by. So often relying upon generous portions of added fat. Sugar this sticks of butter butter butter -- -- heavy cream but all that delicious if debilitating food. May have finally caught up rate policy. -- -- -- Today during a taping of ABC's the -- She confirmed that she was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Three years ago you know diabetes. Is not get them. It is not a death and a up you have to make. Changes in your line. -- has been criticized for waiting so long to reveal her condition -- chief critics his fellow celebrity chef and the new board game. Who once called -- the worst most dangerous person to America. -- said in an interview posted Monday. When you've been cheerfully selling this stuff knowing all along the you've got type two diabetes. It's in bad taste if nothing else -- -- -- look at it looks like a decent affinity up they -- address dean says that she waited because she wanted to have a better understanding of disease. Which critics have suggested -- -- only public. After being paid by drug companies to promote its diabetes medication. Currently -- in a position bit. We aren't gonna set aside a certain person needs and we're donating that fact. Chelsea -- educational campaign on a new web -- and hand made simple changes. In my life. Like cut back -- -- -- my favorite things. -- -- She said she sees her diagnosis as an opportunity to help educate the 26 million Americans who also struggles with diabetes. When my life is over. And you hear my name I hope you associate the word hope -- it. And you can see that full interview tomorrow on that you -- BC but. Tell me is she gonna change her -- on the air in a -- Diane it no she plans no major changes to a media empire that in fact grossed -- an estimated ten million dollars a year ago she does however say that she's always preached moderation and that. She never intended for anybody to -- her cooking 365. Days a year.

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{"id":15382157,"title":"Paula Deen Breaks Silence on Diabetes","duration":"2:42","description":"Celebrity chef known for comfort food reveals she was diagnosed years ago.","url":"/WNT/video/paula-deen-breaks-silence-diabetes-15382157","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}