Peanut Butter Recall: Salmonella Symptoms

Family whose child was sickened shares story.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for Peanut Butter Recall: Salmonella Symptoms
And now, the peanut butter recall. So many families still asking us, if your family has eaten peanut butter, how do you know when you're out of the woods, when can you stop worrying? And what exactly are the symptoms? How do they progress? Tonight, for the first time, a parent whose child was sickened by tainted peanut butter speaks to abc's steve osunsami. Reporter:8-year-old nate says it felt like he was going to die, all because he ate out of a jar of peanut butter his father bought from a trader joe's grocery store. It felt very painful. The stomach cramps, I was screaming loud and I was saying, why does this happen to me? Reporter: He's one of 30 confirmed salmonella victims so far. Families should know that symptoms show up usually within three days. I was a terrible scare and started saturday. First, painful stomach cramps. Then, a severe headache. A 103 degree fever. By monday morning, he was He but now bleeding. Doctors couldn't figure it out. On wednesday, he had to be hospitalized. His fever didn't break until friday. And he was already home when the test results came back the following tuesday. Salmone salmonella, a linked strain to tainted peanut butter. How frightened were you by this? This is our child, our baby. I don't think any parent wants to be in the position. I thought it was good for you. I've been eating peanut butter, before I got sick, almost all -- every day. Reporter: Which he never thought would hurt. Steve osunsami, abc news, rocky mount, north carolina.

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{"id":17389560,"title":"Peanut Butter Recall: Salmonella Symptoms","duration":"3:00","description":"Family whose child was sickened shares story.","url":"/WNT/video/peanut-butter-recall-2012-salmonella-symptoms-explained-17389560","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}