Peanut Butter Recall: Which Brands Are Linked?

More than 100 products pulled after outbreak.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Transcript for Peanut Butter Recall: Which Brands Are Linked?
9:00 p.M. Eastern, 6:00 pacific. Now the peanut butter recall. We've been reading all your posts and tweets. Which brands are linked to salmonella poisoning. So many of you are asking exactly what should we do? Steve osunsami has a user's guide for families. Reporter: Today, government official trying to contain this salmonella outbreak told us it doesn't look good and to expect more reported cases linked to jars of peanut butter sold at grocery stores across the country. So far, 30 people sick, most of them children, across 19 states. For families searching through kitchen cabinets tonight for potentially dangerous jars of nut butter, it's confusing. First, what jars and brands are being recalled? Well, it isn't your larger name brands like jif or skippy. Those products are fine. All of the recalled products are linked to the sunland peanut corporation in new mexico. They make the peanut butter under numerous brand names. All the illnesses that have been investigated are related to the peanut butter products from the one plant. Reporter: So now you've found one of these brands in your cupboard. Should you automatically toss it out? The company says to look on the side of the jar for the "best if used by" date. Anything between may 1st and september 24, 2014, throw it away. What if your family has gone through half the jar? What are the signs of a salmonella infection? Doctors say high fever, stomach cramps and dysentery, which can show up within one to three days. We talked with families today, of children cho got sick. They talk of 103-degree fevers that lasted for days. They were shocked to know it could have been their peanut butter. Steve osunsami, abc news,

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{"id":17380292,"title":"Peanut Butter Recall: Which Brands Are Linked?","duration":"3:00","description":"More than 100 products pulled after outbreak.","url":"/WNT/video/peanut-butter-recall-salmonella-poisoning-link-17380292","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}