Pelosi not sending impeachment articles to Senate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House will not send the Senate the just-passed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump until she sees “the process that is set forth in the Senate.”
2:54 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Pelosi not sending impeachment articles to Senate
And we begin tonight with president trump, less than 24 hours after becoming only the third American president to be impeached on two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Tonight, the president, it would appear, is ready for battle. Saying, it doesn't feel like impeachment, calling it a hoax, cooked up by the Democrats and saying he's not worried. And the president calling the republican-led senate where he will be tried, quote, very capable. But tonight, that unexpected holdup. House speaker Nancy Pelosi has not brought the articles of impeachment to the senate, and this evening here, she reveals why. As a divided America remains divided on impeachment, where this should go next and how it will all effect the race for 2020. Mary Bruce leads us off tonight from the hill. Reporter: In the oval office today, president trump tried to shrug off the new historic mark on his legacy. Well, I don't feel like I'm being impeached, because it's a hoax. It's a setup. It's a horrible thing they did. Reporter: On capitol hill house speaker Nancy Pelosi is riding high. Seems like people have a spring in their step, because the president was held accountable for his reckless behavior. I, myself, wants to say, I have a spring in my step, because of the moral courage of our caucus. Reporter: But Pelosi's not ready to take the next step. She's refusing to send the articles of impeachment to the senate until majority leader Mitch Mcconnell reveal what the trial will look like. Mcconnell has said he's working in "Total coordination" with the white house. Our founders, when they wrote the constitution, they suspected that there could be a rogue president. I don't think they suspected that we could have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the senate at the same time. Reporter: Democrats pushing for the delay hope it will give them leverage, as they demand to hear from top trump aides the white house has blocked from testifying, including acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton. But the president and his allies insist the speaker is simply scared of a trial. It looks like the prosecutors are getting cold feet in front of the entire country and second-guessing whether they even want to go to trial. Reporter: Mcconnell has made clear, he wants a quick trial and no witnesses. Republicans now accusing Pelosi of playing games. Frankly, I don't care what the Republicans say. So, let's get to Mary Bruce, live on the hill again tonight. And late today, we learned that Mitch Mcconnell huddling in the capitol with his democratic counterpart, chuck Schumer. You've been reporting here that Mcconnell has said no witnesses. Schumer has said he wants them. So, what are you hearing tonight, what comes next? Reporter: Well, David, the two leaders did meet, but nothing came of it. Mitch Mcconnell tonight declaring that they are at an impasse. And he says if the speaker wants to prevent a trial here in the senate, quote, fine with me. But one person who does want a trial? The president. And tonight, one of his top allies says trump is, quote, mad at hell. David? Mary Bruce tonight, thank you. And we do move onto the other major news this Thursday

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House will not send the Senate the just-passed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump until she sees “the process that is set forth in the Senate.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67836627","title":"Pelosi not sending impeachment articles to Senate","url":"/WNT/video/pelosi-sending-impeachment-articles-senate-67836627"}