Penn State Coach Mike McQueary Put on Leave

Assistant coach who said he witnessed sexual abuse faces death threats.
3:11 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Penn State Coach Mike McQueary Put on Leave
There is news out of Penn State the coach who says he saw a young boy being abused tonight has been sidelined. And also today a mother did break her silence exclusively to ABC news about what she says was done to her son. Her son has been called victim number one and she has a question from the man accused of doing it. ABC's Dan Harris is back on the story for us tonight and starting with the news about that coach. He has been the target of rising -- assistant coach Mike and aquariums -- man who says he sob former coach Jerry sandusky. Severely sexually abusing a boy in -- -- showers. But did nothing to stop it. Tonight the new university president said he's placing the query on administrative leave. What became clear was that under any circumstances he would not be able to function in the coaching role. But it could be difficult to actually fire McLeary he may be protected by the State's whistle blower statute since he told his bosses. Including head coach Joseph Paterno about the alleged abuse. Meanwhile tonight Joseph Paterno has hired high powered Washington defense attorney with scholars. Even though prosecutors have said they are not focusing on -- This as the investigation -- to send -- whose window was smashed in by pieces of cinder block last night. Has now spread to the state of Texas. Where police in San Antonio. Say they are looking into whether the former coach abused a boy he took with him to -- Alamo Bowl in 1999. ABC's Good Morning America spoke exclusively with the mother of one victim a boy who came forward at age fifteen to say this local legend. The founder of a charity for at risk youth. Had abused him. For years in the non accurate feel that -- probably not a good thing and I just like to ask him why why he did this why. Why he. He used all these kids and in you know who is charity and she recanted what her -- said. When she asked why he waited so long to tell her he was very well -- you know. He -- in -- what to do I just know what to do you and you just can't tell Terry now. And that Iraq. Tomorrow the first Penn State football game in 46 years without Joseph Paterno -- head coach. And -- memories still fresh of the student riot after Paterno got fired. -- worries tonight the game could turn violent. The governor of Pennsylvania told me the police are prepared. What is your message to students who might be considering mr. may be angry. This is and the way. To exercise it. In an effort to refurbish their image and refocus attention on the victims students are buying blue T shirts and making blue ribbons. The color of child abuse awareness. We think. Witnesses. A cause that everyone can rally around regardless of what -- support Joseph -- are not. And tonight right here on the spot where two nights ago there was a riot there will instead -- a candlelight vigil for the victims and Diane they are expecting. Upwards of 101000. People.

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{"id":14936787,"title":"Penn State Coach Mike McQueary Put on Leave","duration":"3:11","description":"Assistant coach who said he witnessed sexual abuse faces death threats.","url":"/WNT/video/penn-state-coach-mike-mcqueary-put-leave-14936787","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}