Penn State Scandal: Two New Alleged Victims

Two more boys accuse Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse.
1:44 | 11/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Penn State Scandal: Two New Alleged Victims
Major new developments tonight in the Penn State's sexual abuse scandal to new young -- both under eighteen now say -- coach Jerry sandusky abused them. Which means that if the allegations are true send us he may have been preying on them during the grand jury investigation. Also today every single judge in Penn State's home -- recused themselves to avoid a conflict of interest ABC's Jim apple is on the case for us again. Jerry send dusty seen driving into his house today. May soon lose that privilege and all his freedom. His attorney told ABC news an exclusive interview last night that because of copycats he always expected new charges against his client. My concern is if they bring new charges based upon new people coming forward the -- -- -- And he's what went up in jail. That -- -- here according to the local Harrisburg Paper the patriot news reporting today -- desk he is now under investigation in two new very recent cases. By Pennsylvania's children and youth services filed within the last sixty days. These two new cases are shocking because these children unlike the original eight are still minors. And if true the crimes were reported loss and -- was being investigated by the grand jury. A slower process rarely used -- alleged pedophile cases but one ordered by Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett who was then attorney general. He says if he would have arrested send -- immediately as critics claim he should. It would've blown the case. It would have revealed what we're doing in the grand jury investigation -- -- instead the investigation was kept quiet and -- dusty roamed the streets for two years awaiting indictment. And is now reportedly accused of committing to more assaults possibly while he was -- Jim Avila ABC news Penn State.

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{"id":15011057,"title":"Penn State Scandal: Two New Alleged Victims","duration":"1:44","description":"Two more boys accuse Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse.","url":"/WNT/video/penn-state-scandal-alleged-victims-15011057","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}