Penn State Scandal: More Boys Come Forward

New victims claim they were sexually abused by former coach Jerry Sandusky.
2:44 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Penn State Scandal: More Boys Come Forward
The alleged victims in the Penn State sexual abuse scandal are sending word they are ready to stand up. Summoning the courage to testify against former football coach Jerry sandusky. Outraged by his claim that he did nothing wrong. ABC's Jim marvelous on the case once again for us tonight Jim. Diane ABC news has learned exclusively that at least two of the eight victims. But the prosecutors say were assaulted by Jerry sandusky are in fact ready to stand up and testify against him in court including. Victim number one told me exclusively for his mother -- was mother told me exclusively that he is ready to go. We could only identify her as the mother of the boy prosecutors call. Victim number one a boy who told the grand jury he was repeatedly sexually assaulted in -- send -- -- -- Does your son anxious to testify against him he's scared but he's -- he's. He's ready he wants to -- -- he wants him -- Jeremy wants me to pay for what he's gone. Now a second boy is ready to testify according to his attorney a boy who claims Jerry sandusky savagely raped him he's not going anywhere he's -- -- testified. Attorney Bennett drowsy tells ABC news this afternoon that his client was outraged by -- gusties portrayal of what happened to him as horseplay. I think he would like to see mr. sandusky. Assume responsibility for thought the horrible acts that he committed on him. Two boys who will join this coach Mike the -- as the prosecution's main witness is against sandusky. The query is the man who says he witnessed the fall on rate in the Penn State locker room. And now claims and emails to friends he told not just Joseph Paterno about it but police a statement both the municipal and university police department said today. They could find no record. Former district attorney Mike Madeira says Macquarie will still be a strong witness for prosecutors today set. The testimony of Mike mccreery. Was credible. And tonight more heat on the governor of Pennsylvania who started the sandusky investigation in 2009. As attorney general. I know you always -- -- -- -- -- in a testy exchange with reporters who wanted to know why it took so long for an indictment. If I felt comfortable when I was there to make the rest. We would have but we weren't there yet he came afterwards. As -- -- -- did those cases I have done child predator cases. We -- him as quickly as we possibly can't. And tonight the controversial judge who gave sandusky that low bail and didn't require him to Wear an electronic monitoring device. Has been replaced by a judge from outside the area. Diane a new development every day and thank you Jim -- a --

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{"id":14968851,"title":"Penn State Scandal: More Boys Come Forward","duration":"2:44","description":"New victims claim they were sexually abused by former coach Jerry Sandusky.","url":"/WNT/video/penn-state-scandal-boys-forward-14968851","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}