Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Missed Signs?

Seven investigations concerning Jerry Sandusky raise questions of a cover-up.
3:00 | 11/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Missed Signs?
The new portrait emerging of the Penn State football coach accused of abusing a young boys. New tapes of -- sandusky -- interview he gave before the scandal broke. And this as yet another adult man has now resigned amid accusations he knew there was a problem and did nothing. And at this hour ABC news has learned there are seven different college local and federal investigations under way. ABC's Jim Ottawa here with us now with the very latest Jim. Diane tonight another shoe drops the president of that nationally known charity. The prosecutors say Jerry sandusky used as is had to -- a playground. Has resigned. And we hear from -- and -- himself his own words about why he decided to change his life to spend more time with kids. It's 1999. And Jerry sandusky is about to retire his defensive coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. Focus my time on. -- any other football camps for young kids and that's an emotional experience for me. By the time he did this ESPN interviewed twelve years ago -- dusty had already met for the eight boys he would later be charged with -- In his retirement plans are all about spending more time around them at second mile. I don't get to do all the things wanted to do. Second camp but. Have a great time -- he got this endorsement from Joseph Paterno is almost 200000 kids in that program right now and I think that was -- their -- he decided. This might be best time for him again that it rooted -- -- here. A place where according to this young man who was there when -- dusty. A married man with six adopted children was known as a mystical bigger than life character. Somebody like -- send us he you know is it was -- almost a god. To mean a lot of kids growing up in Pennsylvania. So why did it take eleven years for sandusky to be indicted. A long list of failures at three institutions say critics Penn State. Second mile and police at Penn State senators witnessed an alleged rape of a boy in the shower and did not report the year 2000 attack. Two years later a graduate assistant later promoted to assistant coach witnesses the rape of a second ten year old boy in the same shower area. He reports the attacked -- Joseph Paterno who along with a superiors. Do not report to the police -- dust -- is banned from bringing children to Penn State anymore but is not reported to police. Then second mile should it have protected its children better. In 2002. The president of the charity was informed that sandusky was banned from a local high school and could no longer escort children to Penn State football fields. He -- never contacted police. -- kept send -- away from the kids and today that president resign. And finally the police they investigated allegations as far back as 1998. And even after the mother of one of the victims let police listened in as send -- asked for forgiveness they dropped the case warning no. If her son had been believes back then that there wouldn't beat the victims have come after them. And even now there are new questions about whether sandusky is still getting a pass here in this town. He turned himself in upon arrest to a judge who had known to have contributed to his charity and also lists herself as a volunteer there. She turned down prosecutors' requests to make send -- where electronic bracelet. It also gave them a bail some five times less than prosecutors had asked for.

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{"id":14952013,"title":"Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Missed Signs?","duration":"3:00","description":"Seven investigations concerning Jerry Sandusky raise questions of a cover-up.","url":"/WNT/video/penn-state-sex-abuse-scandal-missed-signs-14952013","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}