Pentagon Says Up to 4,000 American Troops to Be Sent to West Africa to Fight Ebola

Urgent push to train doctors and nurses in American hospitals, where Ebola drills are being conducted.
3:09 | 10/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pentagon Says Up to 4,000 American Troops to Be Sent to West Africa to Fight Ebola
There are major developments tonight in the effort to protect America from ebola. The Pentagon saying today that up to 4,000 American troops will now need to spend about a year in west Africa to contain the outbreak. Meantime, in Dallas tonight, the ebola patient on a ventilator, showing tiny signs of improvement, we're told. The second patient, the TV photographer who approved in Nebraska, able to get on that stretcher himself, right therein the middle tonight, treated by that experimental drug. We noticed this map. 10 natch million tweets around the world in just three weeks time, all concern or questions about ebola. Tonight, Dr. Richard Besser inside a hospital drill, so many of you asking, what's being done after that breakdown in Dallas, after that patient was sent home the first time he showed up. And what about that patient tonight? Let's get right to Cecilia Vega, live in Dallas. See seal y'all? Reporter: David, good evening to you. Thomas Eric Duncan is receiving that experimental drug. His family says he is showing some signs of improvement, including now having a Normal body temperature. Bull he is still here, in critical condition. Tonight, as Thomas Eric Duncan fights for his life, outside this Dallas hospital, his mother is speaking out. I just want to see my son be all right, to be healthy. Reporter: And now, new questions about whether western hospitals are ready to handle infected patients. The enemy here is a virus. The enemy is ebola. Reporter: New concerns tonight after a nurse in a Spanish hospital became infected while cleaning a missionary who died from ebola. She is the first person to contract the disease outside west Africa. Now, hospitals around this country are on high alert. Our Dr. Besser in one New Jersey E.R., where staffers are running preparedness drills. Ebola patient in five minutes. So, they just got a fake call in and they're going through a drill as if this patient coming in had ebola. They're putting on full body protective suits. They're reducing the chances that if the patient had ebola either of them would get sick. There's no way that this patient wrapped this way is going to contaminate anyone in the emergency room or contaminate the health care workers. Recent travel? I was to Liberia. So they asked him the right questions, where he'd been, what his symptoms are. If you're going to pick up a patient who has ebola, those are the things you really need to do. Reporter: Doctors saying what happened in Dallas was a real wakeup call. The doctors, nurses and paramedics who treated Duncan at this hospital are also at risk of getting sick. They are being closely monitored. The good news, David, tonight, no signs of any symptoms. All right, Cecilia, thank you tonight. Dr. Richard Besser, back from that drill. This is a big question. We saw what happened in Dallas, the patient turned away the first time he went. Was there anything encouraging that you saw today? Reporter: There was. I'll remember the look in the eyes of the doctor when he said it was a wakeup call. He said they're drilling to the next patient who walks in with ebola, they're not going to miss it. Doctors and nurmss at the ready. Rich, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Urgent push to train doctors and nurses in American hospitals, where Ebola drills are being conducted.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26030480","title":"Pentagon Says Up to 4,000 American Troops to Be Sent to West Africa to Fight Ebola","url":"/WNT/video/pentagon-4000-american-troops-west-africa-fight-ebola-26030480"}