Person of the Week: Afghanistan National Institute of Music

These young musicians from Afghanistan are taking Carnegie Hall by storm.
3:08 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Person of the Week: Afghanistan National Institute of Music
Here in america, a country so filled with music, it's hard to believe there are children in parts of the world who are not allowed to perform. Tonight, our "persons of the week" the children who came to new york city, determined to get their music back. They arrived here in america pushing their most prized possessions, they're instruments. Coming from home, where for so many years, there has been no music. Gulalei unsure of what to make of this place called america. They're children from afghanistan. "World news" was invited to their school in kabul, where they have been trying to win back the s the taliban and they're music. Now they've come to america to perform. Do you like america? Yes. It's very beautiful. Reporter: She place the sitar, in a country where women almost never perform. For so long, there was no music. Music was ban -- Reporter: Banned? Banned. And they didn't want music. Reporter: And the music wasn't the only thing stolen. Do you have a mom and dad? she says she is an orphan. Lost bhoeoth her mom and dad to the taliban. Do you remember them? She wishes they could hear her music as we did. ♪ and right there waiting to perform for us, too, eraj. Listen to what he said. She's better than me. Reporter: She's better than you? Yeah. Reporter: But he would play, too. ♪ Reporter: He turned to her and said, she was playing better than him. That clearly shows the future of afghanistan. Sometimes the girls can be much better than we, the men. Reporter: We already know that in america. Yes. Reporter: The children then took me across the street here in new york city, on their way to the famous carnegie hall, where they were set to perform. They had been here three days, to a famous new york diner. They were tapping firngs on to lady gaga. We showed them something they hadn't seen. This is starbucks. It's very american. Do you want a hot chocolate? Outside. A bit of a struggle. Now drink it. Ready? But then we were on to that famous hall. For one last rehearsal. Off they went. Good luck. Out on the renowned stage, after telling me this. Are you nervous? No, I'm not. Reporter: You're not nervous? It's carnegie hall. Just a few hours later, they were dressed. The sold-out crowd was waiting. The moment had arrived for the kids from kabul. Gulalei, eraj, dream playing out half way across the world. ♪ Reporter: And so when choose the afghanistan national institute of music and my two friends. To determined to perform here. They did. I'll see you later for the special "20/20."

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{"id":18517000,"title":"Person of the Week: Afghanistan National Institute of Music","duration":"3:08","description":"These young musicians from Afghanistan are taking Carnegie Hall by storm.","url":"/WNT/video/person-week-afghanistan-national-institute-music-18517000","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}