Person of the Week: Caroline Kennedy

A member of one of the most intriguing families in America shares part of her past.
2:50 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Person of the Week: Caroline Kennedy
Finally tonight here, our "persons of the week." Some faces you've never seen before. Caroline kennedy remembering something from her childhood and trying to share it with other young people. It was a gift that made a huge difference for her and her brother john. The images of caroline kennedy's childhood. The little girl in the white house, hiding under her father's desk. Sitting behind her mother in bed. If you look closely, there is often something else. Books. Many of them filled with poetry. Her mother, jacqueline, would recite poetry as a little girl in school assembly and years later, she would teach her own daughter to do the same. Oh, I -- it was always. Reporter: Always? Yeah, my mother taught me short poem when I was about 3 and I do remember reciting it for my father. Reporter: What would your dad say to you after -- everyone would clap, of course. Reporter: And for her mother, every mother's day, she and her brother would find a copy it down and give it to her. Even though we complained about it, I think we both enjoyed it. Reporter: And it wasn't until years later, not long ago, in fact, she discovered a poem in that scrapbook, selected by her brother. A young john, and it had a twist. I came acro poem that i completely forgotten about. Reporter: Is this the one about willy? Yeah, yeah. Reporter: How did it go? It goes, it's called careless willy, and it goes, careless will little was the first, nailed his sister to the door. Mother said with humor quaint, careful willy, don't spoil the paint. I saw it, I couldn't believe it, I was so -- I could just picture us at that age. It really made me laugh. Reporter: What do you think you had done to him? What -- he did things to me. I didn't do anything to him. Reporter: That laflter, those memories, kept alive by the poems. And she's looking to do the same now for other young people in her new book, "poems to learn by heart." Hi, how are you? Reporter: Quietly, she's been volunteering at new york's public schools for a decade now. In fact, her students helped her select the poems. One of them, we asked caroline and her students to recite it. Bring me all your heart melodies. That I may wrap them in a blue cloud cloth. Away from the too rough fingers from the world. A poetry slam with caroline kennedy. And her students, who never imagined caring about poetry, now grateful for the unexpected gift. It's really changed, like, who I am as a person. Reporter: You wouldn't have been standing in front of this camera. Not at all. Reporter: So, when you hear that, that it's given them a voice? Yeah, yeah. I hope other people their age will look at them and see how words and ypds have the power to change your life. Reporter: And so we choose caroline kennedy and the brave young poets.

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{"id":18794668,"title":"Person of the Week: Caroline Kennedy","duration":"2:50","description":"A member of one of the most intriguing families in America shares part of her past.","url":"/WNT/video/person-week-caroline-kennedy-18794668","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}