Person of the Week: Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson

Queen of the kitchen talks about her latest TV venture on "The Taste."
3:02 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Person of the Week: Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson
Our person of the week is -- reigning superstar. Of great food and living as you know which news Nigel Lawson is an author cook glamorous sensation. And you may have seen her lately on the new ABC food contest called -- taste. But before you meet her take a look at this promotional picture for the show. Can you guess what she told the anxious public -- people they must never air -- out. I could see slight twitching of nonsense and if I grow to know -- and young girls committed the offense has been -- been -- nevertheless. I could see that they felt. Does affect swimming pivot that -- area where are coming Willis and I -- -- -- that it -- desperate -- That had -- -- peas -- promised speed and perhaps -- out because. That is my -- because you can't eat and like food. And happening thanks to Cave Creek high -- She. Is the reigning queen of food for pleasure sensual leading. A surprise from the girl who grew up the daughter of England's chancellor of the Exchequer like the secretary of treasury here. It was her beautiful mother told her not to use recipes and chase has confidence comes from simply being what you are. Consciences. May be always says -- overvalued competence. I feel that competence is a very undervalued. That you could actually in -- you ought to be competent any confidences folds so I think it's the nation that I can. I can provide for my an existence. And I think not. Arms -- is and it was cooking that would console her in crisis her mother died at the age of 48 than her sister died at the age of 31. And then as her husband lay dying to she created a cookbook a food that got her through the day. Went on Martha's husband's real -- who could have been to Mexico this I think. That was very therapeutic for me -- -- this something so extraordinary about eggs sugar flour -- have to -- cake and maybe that's what I needed then. Today she is remarried releasing her ninth cookbook called -- -- -- some. And here's Nigel is advice for a great Valentine's Day take a -- pan of spaghetti in the pan off the stove. Take the parent of -- and Egypt with 24. It's quick admits the found that makes his use well let he me -- schools that sold to the -- to me it it's it's pretty unbeatable. -- Excellent taste and most of all she says remember when your cooking what -- -- looking for what makes you feel most alive. What is it for her official and it's not going to be anything lofty and that in both the chicken. -- -- -- -- -- -- Again that'll pick Mike had a tough but my -- -- -- -- in the up from. Until a house is filled with the federation she can I'm not apps and it Michelin.

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{"id":18446360,"title":"Person of the Week: Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson","duration":"3:02","description":"Queen of the kitchen talks about her latest TV venture on \"The Taste.\"","url":"/WNT/video/person-week-celebrity-chef-nigella-lawson-18446360","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}