Person of the Week: Mother Makes Sacrifice to Save Children

Stephanie Decker loses limbs while saving kids from incoming tornado.
2:36 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Person of the Week: Mother Makes Sacrifice to Save Children
Our person of the week she is -- true hometown hero she acted quickly in a disaster. Made a great sacrifice and saved her children. We first met her and her family last year but now ABC's Matt -- finds -- just -- think reminder of how to stay strong. No matter what life brings them. -- -- -- And I ended. My house there's going down. Definitely this time last year monster -- came Lori drew Henry -- Indiana. -- -- Decker her home her two young children in their past. -- solved and Rick coming. At my daughter asylum maneuver my back because I would take the hit. Stephanie covering her children with her own body. Or ever having. Less -- -- steal games. -- -- -- This is what -- -- showed me last month engines -- that was the interest over there -- seen -- so rescuers found her children unscathed. That doctors had to amputate both that Stephanie place. She fought back. Putting herself through grueling physical therapy. Inspired by her family and a song stronger -- Kelly Clarkson. Miraculously just two months later. Didn't want people -- -- with -- still and the -- Shooting war. And then in hot pink sneaks and defeat green standing on her home to -- to beat the present. This is just a new way of living. The worst thing ever happen is we live my life I'm death. But -- most daring step yet marching right into the Kentucky Statehouse just last week. Nearly two million Americans use prosthetics. Insurance companies usually cover only the initial -- But in most states they won't pay the refurbished prosthetics. Stephanie is determined to change that. Help me have other kids walk. -- -- And if she took his back to her destroyed home one year later there the concrete hand prints. An indelible testimony the -- survival. And that song now in anthem. This flat apartment today and I'm excited that some things are bad situation -- that something really -- And so we choose Stephanie Decker who says her next goal is to run a marathon.

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{"id":18688980,"title":"Person of the Week: Mother Makes Sacrifice to Save Children","duration":"2:36","description":"Stephanie Decker loses limbs while saving kids from incoming tornado.","url":"/WNT/video/person-week-mother-makes-sacrifice-save-children-tornado-18688980","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}