Pete Rose Still Wants a Second Chance

After being banned for life for betting on baseball 25 years ago, Charlie Hustle wants to be forgiven.
1:56 | 08/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pete Rose Still Wants a Second Chance
We turn to a new sports headline tonight. Baseball's greatest hitter with an emotional plea for a new chance. 25 years ago, Pete rose was banned for life, accused of betting on baseball. Now, he's saying, it's finally time to forgive? What do you think, as ABC's Clayton Sandell brings the debate tonight. Reporter: He was Charlie hustle, racking up more games, at-bats, and, of course, hits, than anyone in history. Left center field. There it is. That's number 4,192. Reporter: But the man once destined for the hall of fame, was banned for life in 1989, accused of not just betting on the game, but as a manager, on his own team. Uh-oh. Oh, boy. They better grab Pete. Reporter: Now, a new baseball commissioner is taking office. And Pete rose is renewing his plea. Get over it. Reporter: Telling ESPN's Jeremy Schaap his quarter-century-long punishment is enough. You broke the cardinal rule. I did. How could someone who loved the game so much -- That's a good question. We all make mistakes. And I made a big mistake. Reporter: His next mistake, rose says, autographing the legal document that sealed his fate. It was a mistake because I didn't read the fine print. To this day, I have no idea why my lawyers would accept a lifetime suspension. Reporter: A lot of baseball fans still haven't forgiven rose, now 73. The league told us today, it's too early to say if rose might have a fan in the new commissioner. I have been led to believe that America is a forgiving country. And if you do the right thing, eventually, you'll get a second chance. Reporter: Clayton Sandell, ABC news. And on Monday night, our partner with ESPN, will air a special report, "Olbermann presents Pete rose, 25 years in exile."

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{"id":25077995,"title":"Pete Rose Still Wants a Second Chance","duration":"1:56","description":"After being banned for life for betting on baseball 25 years ago, Charlie Hustle wants to be forgiven.","url":"/WNT/video/pete-rose-chance-25077995","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}