Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Found Guilty

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of first degree murder in three infant deaths.
1:50 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Found Guilty
Now we turn to a verdict making headlines tonight. Fueling arguments on all sides about abortion in america. Tonight a doctor in philadelphia is facing the death penalty for what he did. Just hours ago, a jury finding him guilty of three counts of first-degree murder. Abc's terry moran tells us what the jury decided today, and what it means. Reporter: Dr. Kermit gosnell, led away in handcuffs today after jurors convicted him of murdering three babies, killing them with scissors after they were born during botched abortions he performed on women who were as much as seven months pregnant. His lawyer described gosnell's reaction. He's disappointed and he's upset. Reporter: For two months, jurors heard often shocking grizzly testimony, including from members of gosnell's staff, who claimed they witnessed him killing live babies. The case began in february 2010, when fbi agents raided gosnell's clinic, looking for evidence of prescription drug dealing. Instead they found a filthy house of horrors. Children were born and then killed. Reporter: For decades gosnell ran his clinic, the women's medical estate in west philadelphia, a poor, mostly black neighborhood where doctors were scarce and patients were sometimes desperate. Gosnell's lawyer calls this prosecution racist, arguing his client served his community and never killed a live-born baby. But jurors found otherwise. Opponents of legalized abortion seedsed on this case. Gosnell's not an abrasion. Abortion clinics are unregulated and every year we see the deaths of women inside these clinics. Reporter: But supporters of abortion-rights argue that gosnell's shady, dangerous practices are exactly what women will face across the country if abortion is outlawed. Gosnell now face the death penalty.

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{"id":19172315,"title":"Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Found Guilty ","duration":"1:50","description":"Dr. Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of first degree murder in three infant deaths.","url":"/WNT/video/philadelphia-abortion-doctor-found-guilty-19172315","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}