Pint Sized Golf Phenom

Baby James, 3, who began playing golf before he could walk, gets ready for his first real tournament.
1:46 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Pint Sized Golf Phenom
And finally tonight, the pint-sized golf phenom, ready to take on tiger woods. 3 years old, baby James began playing before he could walk, before he could talk. ABC's Steve osunsami introduces us to the tiny golfer with the really big swing. Reporter: He's the pride of southern Louisiana. They call him baby James, just 3 little tiny years old. There you go. Reporter: What's amazing, golf experts say, is how often he connects, and how shots like this one are no accident. Oh! Reporter: His mother, Nicole, is a self-described golf mom. Driving her young prodigy to practice at least four times a week. Before he could even walk, he was playing with plastic clubs. He would start hitting the ball around the house while he was crawling. Reporter: They met a coach at a golf course who told them to get their son real ones. This one's for chipping. Reporter: This one's for chipping. He's the one who wants to constantly. Mama, daddy let's go to the golf course. Reporter: It didn't long for people to notice. Look out bubba Watson, we've got a 3-year-old golf proddy. I'd like you to meet tiger woods and his father -- Reporter: It's hard not to think of another young prodigy, seen here on "The Mike Douglas show," age 2. Pretty soon tiger woods will be getting baby James's autograph. Reporter: We met him preparing for his first real tournament. Put it to the side if you want. Reporter: Put it to the side? Okay. Awesome! Reporter: This 3-year-old took fourth against kids nearly twice his age. He's still learning his ABC's, but he's already mastered Reading the greens. Yes! Reporter: Steve osunsami, ABC news, abita springs, Louisiana.

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{"id":24765674,"title":"Pint Sized Golf Phenom","duration":"1:46","description":"Baby James, 3, who began playing golf before he could walk, gets ready for his first real tournament.","url":"/WNT/video/pint-sized-golf-phenom-24765674","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}