Pint-Sized Golfer Swings Her Way Into the History Books

Dressed in red, white and blue, this pint-sized golfer trades her golf club for ice cream.
2:12 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pint-Sized Golfer Swings Her Way Into the History Books
It's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. Finally tonight. The point size golfer back on the course today. She didn't make the cut but she sure made an impression. It's the lessons she taught us about competition, pressure and taking time for ice cream that makes her our person of the week. Reporter: She's the 11-year-old red why and blue swinging her way into history. Still wearing her braces. She came with her swing. Her outfit, her caddy and hands on her hip and sending the message, she's got this. She became the youngest player to qualify for the U.S. Women's open even before her history making moment, a winning stroke. What she said about competing. I just want to go out there and have fun and play the best I can. I really don't care about the outcome. I just want to have fun. Reporter: About dad who has been by her side. Can your dad beat you? No. Reporter: She played on Thursday and again today. And after her first round, not bad. She walked up to the microphone. Stepped on to a box and trading her golf club for her ice cream. It was a lot of fine. I struggled today but it was great. Reporter: It was the lesson she learned we could all use. I learned that you got to be patient pt one shot at a time. Reporter: Just 11, so many wondering about what about the pressure. She says she loves the crowd. She's been golfing for more than half her life and saying she got serious at about 7 while waiting for her brother to finish on the practice range and about the age thing -- What is like to be asked for an autograph by people older than you? It's awesome. Reporter: Even though she didn't play as well as yesterday it was still history and others for her. Now it's back to being the daughter from California who sar says she likes to read Sherlock homes and her immediate plan -- Eating ice cream. Sounds good to us. So we choice Lucy lee who certainly will be back.

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{"id":24241653,"title":"Pint-Sized Golfer Swings Her Way Into the History Books","duration":"2:12","description":"Dressed in red, white and blue, this pint-sized golfer trades her golf club for ice cream.","url":"/WNT/video/pint-sized-golfer-swings-history-books-24241653","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}