The Pollen Vortex: Brutal Allergy Season Expected

Due to long winter, once warm temps arrive, everything blooms at once sending higher amounts of allergens into the air.
2:23 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for The Pollen Vortex: Brutal Allergy Season Expected
We're going to turn now to what is expected to be a brutal allergy season. Perhaps you're already suffering. After a long winter, it turns out, so much is budding at once it's creating what some are calling the pollen vortex. ABC's Dr. Jennifer Ashton with ways to fight it tonight. Reporter: Wicked winter is over. Now, sinister spring. Sneezing and wheezing. Coughing and watery eyes. It's hit fast and hard. And this season might be one of the worst ever for allergies. It's been pretty bad already. So I'm definitely not looking forward to the spring and summer ahead. It's going to be a rough one. Reporter: Because the brutal winter lasted so long, once the warmer temperatures arrive, everything blooms at once. A perfect storm of misery. I feel very stuffed up. I feel like hazy, eyes watery, sore throat. It's a horrible feeling. Reporter: Tree pollen counts are soaring this weekend. But look at the more extreme levels. Orange and red in Texas and to the east, South Carolina up to Virginia. Here are some basings that might help. Simple saline nasal spray. Keep your home and car windows closed. That will reduce the amount of pollen coming in. And remember to shower before bed to rinse the pollen out of your hair. And Dr. Jennifer Ashton with us now. Great advice on the shower. Get it out of your hair before it hits the pillow. This pollen vortex. The real deal after a long winter? Absolutely. Long winner, short spring. Everything hitting at once. And when it hits, most people turn to the anti-histamines. Many doctors talking about a multilayered approach. Anti-histamines are great. A new kid on the the block this year. Prescription medication known as oralair works almost like a vaccine against pollen. Then the medication called montelukast, sold under the name of singulair. Reduces inflammation. And steroid sprays. They're now available over the counter. The key is if you suffer from allergies and you're on one, ask your doctor about adding multiple attacks here. Multipronged attacks. You said earlier, if you're not feeling the symptoms yet, perhaps jump on it now to get ahead of it. That's the key. If you're like you and me, you know you're going to get allergies but you haven't had your first sniffle, start now. Some of these medications take weeks or months to take effect. All right, Dr. Jen, with some great advice tonight. Thank you.

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{"id":23312993,"title":"The Pollen Vortex: Brutal Allergy Season Expected","duration":"2:23","description":"Due to long winter, once warm temps arrive, everything blooms at once sending higher amounts of allergens into the air.","url":"/WNT/video/pollen-vortex-brutal-allergy-season-expected-23312993","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}