Pope Francis on Gay Catholics: 'Who Am I to Judge?'

The new pontiff makes global headlines with new comment on sexual orientation.
1:59 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pope Francis on Gay Catholics: 'Who Am I to Judge?'
Pope francis is hope at the vatican tonight back from brazil where 3 million flocked to see him on world youth day. He made global headlines with humble remarks, reaching out to gay catholics the way no hope has ever done before. Reporter: After being greeted like a rock star in brazil, preaching to millions on cope pa cabana beach, this new pope who had gone to great length to project simplicity and openness gave a remarkable press conference on the flight back to rome. Such a striking difference from his often timid predecessor who only took preselected questions from the press. Pope francis laughing achd joking with reporters. Here's the moment that is gettinuch attention, the pope saying, quote, if someone is gay and he search is for the lord and has good will, who am i to judge? Compare that to pope benedict who called gays objectively disordered or pope john paul ii who called it against natural law. While it is making global waves tonight, it's important to note the pope said nothing of acceptance of gay sex or any other change in church policy. He made unusual warm overtours to divorced people who he said should receive sack kremts. He also said, quote, the door is closed to women becoming priests. As his comments on gays what we saw was a shift in style, not substance. When you are a pope, style can be very, very consequential. The question is so powerful. Who am I to judge from a pope. You don't often hear comments like that.

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{"id":19809814,"title":"Pope Francis on Gay Catholics: 'Who Am I to Judge?'","duration":"1:59","description":"The new pontiff makes global headlines with new comment on sexual orientation.","url":"/WNT/video/pope-francis-gay-catholics-judge-19809814","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}