Powell Social Worker Comes Forward

Social worker dropped off sons with their father, Josh Powell, before tragedy.
3:21 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Powell Social Worker Comes Forward
Now on ABC news exclusive for the first time the social worker at the center of that fiery tragedy in Washington State has come forward. She is someone who dropped off those two boys and their father's house but she sensed danger and called 911 trying to get help. And today she spoke to ABC's Chris Cuomo about her anguish. And the question we've all been asking are there any lessons to be learned from what happened. Com. When Elizabeth Griffin -- brought -- and Charlie Powell to see their father last Sunday the boys were excited to go as usual. Until that afternoon she'd only ever witnessed a father who loved his son's. But then Josh Powell opened the door and everything changed. Did you did the door open did you see Josh I shot just -- Joshua just went back and his eyes -- mind. And -- he had a look at his eyes that he's just kind of she gets need to strip so is that you like that and it slammed the door and I. I -- that was an accident. He didn't mean to lock me out. And so I'm not tonight not an amendment to our balance -- its secular and can't -- -- -- Then she smelled gas and rush to call 911. From -- -- there. How long we'll be I don't know -- have to respond to emergencies like threatening situation -- the first available deputy. So you're telling the 911 -- this is the this is emergency is a big deal of your kids and what are you getting from the other side. I'm. -- how can you be. -- your supervisor. Court you you know where are you. I I'm not getting I'm not getting an emergency response sent copies finding to me. At that level than I'm telling them that this is that this is a life threatening riches he. Over the past several months of weekly visits with the boys Elizabeth. Had grown to love them. I was like that and went to the -- like a piece of preaching to the boys they called overheat. Shattered -- -- and a key he had things to tell me about Charlie happy to tell me school. What is -- its data when they had debt when he went down last stand what -- was -- take for show in town for its way. That those rates when my. Heart and now she is truly heart broken. And struggling to understand what did you tell yourself about how this could happen. When I tell myself it how it happened because Josh outlets we recently he. And that that -- there was no way. There was no way to spot him until we're -- -- -- never sign any food fight. Indicators from him I never thought any any -- they intended letting cared believe the boy he didn't look like months he didn't look like somebody who is the youngest children. Elizabeth says for all the pain and loss she won't let Josh Powell robbed her of her memories of the boys. Or her passion to help others like them. I am not can be effective he has not been destroyed my passion for -- And families and he's not gonna destroy my life. You Chris Cuomo if ABC news Tacoma. And you can see all of -- interview and his investigation. Tomorrow night on a 20/20 special sins of the father at 10 PM eastern time.

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{"id":15551224,"title":"Powell Social Worker Comes Forward","duration":"3:21","description":"Social worker dropped off sons with their father, Josh Powell, before tragedy.","url":"/WNT/video/powell-social-worker-forward-15551224","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}