Powell Tragedy: Could Kids Have Been Saved?

Investigators search rubble of home where two young boys died.
3:00 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Powell Tragedy: Could Kids Have Been Saved?
What does it take to protect children from a disturbed parent. Two little boys placed in the hands of their father for a visit and now dead. In an explosive fire set by him and tonight family members are speaking out about the warnings and the lessons. ABC's Neal Karlinsky is in Graham Washington tonight -- tell us the latest at this hour. -- is a story that has captured the nation's attention for two years. And police say Josh Powell had been planning this arson four months ten gallons of gas they say he had inside this home here to make sure it burned to the ground. Taking him. And the mystery of what he allegedly did to his wife to the -- Chuck and Judy Cox say they have lost nearly everything -- their daughters Susan missing and presumed dead and now this their two -- seven year old Charles and five year old breed in. Killed police say at the hands of their own father. He's disturbed -- just to disturb. To act that he did this cowardly. What began as a supervised Sunday visit quickly turned tragic when Josh Powell close the door on the case worker locking the children inside minutes later. The house exploded into flames. Police believe Powell started the fire with an accelerated after sending an email to his attorney with just three words I'm sorry goodbye. We've discovered multiple emails that he said to his pastor he sent to its cousins he sent to other people -- bit longer length. They dictate what to do -- utilities what to do with this money what to do a certain aspects of this life. But today the -- -- their grandsons had recently started remembering more about what happened on that night in 2009. When their mother vanished. Josh Powell claimed he had taken the boys -- -- late night camping trip in the dead of winter. I would never hurt. Like boys I would never hurt anyone. But one boy recently drew a picture of the trip and said his mother was in the trunk that's -- that's Charlie and that's me. And -- any civil -- in trunk. There are questions now about whether the state did all it could to protect Charles and -- and whether they should have allowed visits with their father. But experts say without criminal charges the state had no reason to cut off all contact. There was simply no indication that something like this was coming. There have been visits for a prolonged period of time. With no indication of any problems. Until this happened tonight the boy's grandparents are just trying to pick up the pieces of a shattered family. -- go from here and you pick up the pieces well we know that the children are with her mother. -- And they're safe. Child welfare officials say they are conducting an investigation of their -- to determine if there is more they could have done. The boy's grandparents say they blame only one person Diane. Josh Powell. All right -- thank you and there is a growing call across the country for police to release all the information in this case. To -- understanding and make changes for other children.

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{"id":15525762,"title":"Powell Tragedy: Could Kids Have Been Saved?","duration":"3:00","description":"Investigators search rubble of home where two young boys died.","url":"/WNT/video/powell-tragedy-children-saved-15525762","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}