Powerball Dreams: 300M up for Grabs

Winner beware, that lucky ticket could change your life for the worse.
1:46 | 08/03/13

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Transcript for Powerball Dreams: 300M up for Grabs
they are lining up all over america tonight for a giant, $300 million powerball jackpot. We here at abc news will do a story one designed to make you feel that you almost certainly will not win this thing. Here's abc's susan saulny. Reporter: Everybody wants to be a lottery winner. God, vishnu, allah, whoever's up there, I beg you! Reporter: And tonight, powerball dreams, to the tune of $300 million may be coming true. But, winner beware, that lucky ticket could change your life, for the worse. 44% of people who win the lottery -- within five years, they've blown through all their winnings. How do you feel winning all that money? Reporter: Reality is, the winner's circle is home to many horror stories. Art will imitate life in a new abc series, "lucky 7," about workers in queens who win a lottery in an office pool. Diamonds! Pink, blue or white? Reporter: Then face the unexpected. Big winner, jack wittiker has a lesson from real life. It certainly has been a curse to me. Reporter: Whittiker won the largest payout in history in 2002, but came to know hardship and loss. Some advice from dave honeywell who won $217 million in february -- don't tell anyone. And don't get it out until you have things, your matters in hand. He said winners should shut down facebook pages and keep a small circle of trusted friends and relatives. More advice from experts -- don't trust anyone trying to sell you something and hire an account aebt and lawyer. They'll be your new best friends.

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{"id":19864183,"title":"Powerball Dreams: 300M up for Grabs","duration":"1:46","description":"Winner beware, that lucky ticket could change your life for the worse.","url":"/WNT/video/powerball-dreams-300m-grabs-19864183","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}