Powerball Fever Sweeps Nation as Jackpot Soars to $600 Million

Millions of Americans chase dream of winning largest prize in Powerball history.
2:03 | 05/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerball Fever Sweeps Nation as Jackpot Soars to $600 Million
We begin with that condition sweeping the nation, powerball fever spreading tonight. Millions of americans and a dream. And now a record powerball jackpot. Intonight this is their first powerball, helping to explain the line like this one in los angeles. Tonight's jackpot is an estimated $600 million and the odds of winning, one in 175.2 million. Because so many americans have bought tickets, 80% of all possible combinations have all been chosen. John schriffen on the fingers crossed in homes across america tonight and right here in the studio. Reporter: This is the sound heard around the country tonight. Powerball tickets spitting out as fast as possible for the record $600 million jackpot. What's your strategy? The quick pick and I did some birthdays, a few prayers. Reporter: Here in california, this is considered the luckiest store in the united states crowning six millionaires. That's why you see the line for powerball tickets stretching down the block. How long have you been waiting on this line? About an hour and a half but it feels like forever. Is it worth it? I hope so. Reporter: With all the excitement comes plenty of security. Here inside the vault in florida where the numbers will be drawn tonight officials are taking no chances, making sure the lottery scandal of 1980 when the balls were weighted with led paint to fall in a specific order doesn't happen again. If no one wins tonight the next jackpot would be close to a billion dollars leaving lottery officials with an issue. That's really a problem for us because most of the signs out there go to 999. Reporter: If that does happen, blue birth liquors here says it will happily hand write a sign for a billion dollars. That's possible. Lottery officials say only 20% of the possible combinations still have not been purchased.

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{"id":19209574,"title":"Powerball Fever Sweeps Nation as Jackpot Soars to $600 Million","duration":"2:03","description":"Millions of Americans chase dream of winning largest prize in Powerball history.","url":"/WNT/video/powerball-fever-sweeps-nation-jackpot-soars-600-million-19209574","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}